Toss the Cork: New Tech Keeps Wine Fresh for 30 Days

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The next decade will be very interesting with respect to old traditions… Bottles that chill and set wine temperature without cold storage and the weight a hundred times lighter than today

Good luck getting producers to bottle in those metal screw top canisters.

A six million dollar project ??? how do they get that money back, ever ???

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Or just use screw caps!!!

Sounds exciting! My prediction is that this will eliminate corks within 2 years.

This is more like an alternative to Coravin (easier to use and with far more reliable results) than a closure alternative. A screwcap can’t keep a wine fresh for 30 days (and actually significantly longer from what I’ve been told) after I’ve poured some and continue to have more whenever I want.

I took part in a blind tasting to test the effectiveness of this product. I have no other affiliation other than being very intrigued by the whole thing.

show me how to keep a bottle of wine going more than 30 minutes and you’ll have my attention.

I was involved with doing a survey about these. I think it was at least a year or two ago. They put a lot of money into creating little commercials even. Somebody with some bucks must be behind it.
I got the sense it was aimed at people who keep multiple bottles open at a time.

Only 14 different wineries participating at the moment, not much use to the vast majority of people and restaurants at this point.

Seen this one before. I don’t see a viable way this enters into the wine categories anyone here cares about. And will definitely be an added cost on value/mass wines where the drinkers can’t tell unless a wine is seriously oxed

Ehhh, this seems interesting, but impractical. Realistically I am going to continue buying normal bottles, because I want to explore more than Kuvee’s line-up. Am I going to spend another $200 for the dispenser unit? I think not.

Perhaps I’m more loosey-goosey, but I’m okay drinking an already opened wine a day or two later from the fridge - if I haven’t drunk it after 4 days, I probably didn’t like it to start with, so no hard feelings pouring it down the sink or cooking with it.

Pretty sure is actually a small bag that is inserted into the canister. So, not a bag-in-a-box but a bag-in-a-canister. Pretty short shelf life I would imagine.

Producers don’t do the actual “bottling” either, they just ship the wine to the facility. Its how wine gets into kegs as well, no stand-alone winery I know of owns their own kegging line.

I know three CO producers who keg their own wine…

[scratch.gif] -Not sure if I will buy the stocks, if offered.
Very futuristic, right out of a Star Trek scene, with the label screen.
But is this just another gadget for Christmas ? (I got a cupboard full of fancy wine-gadget presents, never used.)
Maybe it can find good use commercially, but I don’t want one for Christmas.

Good luck, Soren.


I will take that item off Santa’s list …

I am with you , from a personal use spectrum, I just think it’s cool, not necessary… from a commercial perspective I have to keep my options open and although not embracing this , I can try to understand the market and if it does ever fit…

The future of wine in glass in ten years will change dramatically … the new polymers they are playing with will produce a bottle with 80% less weight and stronger, insulated and temperature adjustable … we live in a great time to be a consumer and producer… it’s a wine ‘Renaissance’

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FWIW this is the 2nd thread on this device. Some of you even posted there. :wink:

Pungo/Coravin actually uses insert gas. I have had good luck with the stopper they give you for screw cap wines.

He describes this a lining in the container that covers the surface of the wine. I have tried some of those products with not great results and some off flavors (plasticy). The bottles he’s showing are BR Cohn and Girard both pretty big premium producers. Is the idea you can get these special bottles at a store, directly from the winery or thru his company? Are the wines cheeper? $200 for the item seems high for what it does the new intro model of Corvin is about that.

Yup. It is basically bag-in-box, but looks cooler. Oh, and it is wifi-connected, which super-cool and has the advantage that people who sell you wine can spy on your drinking habits. What’s not to like?

Wife and I avoid unneccessary chemicals as much as possible, so unless I want to spend the time it would take to find out exactly what’s going into this container-lining it’s unlikely we’d choose to store wine in it regularly.

It may be completely fine, but who has time to do due diligence when I could just keep the wine in a bottle and vaccuum pump it then finish it within three days.