I forgot to mention that I would be interested in trades for Truchot!

Train left the station.

Set aside bottles back on market.

You buying a custom knife ?

Looking at Nick Anger knives. Also working with a local blade smith on my own designs:)

Never seen the anger knives before, intersting designs, bit to severe looking for my taste. I recently acquired a Cris anderson gyuto which is beautiful

Indeed some are a bit extreme, but some are pretty clean and subdued (as much as it can be when you’re forging damascus).

I work on designs with a local guy http://www.serenityknives.com/ Serenity Knives as he can do custom blade/handle shaping to my specifications and also work with rarer materials that I choose (fossilized walrus oosik is what we’re using for some custom knife handles now and I’ve commissioned/collaborated on some knives with mammoth ivory before).

Pics posted