Top Chef Masters

Is it me…or is this show really pretty unwatchable??

I suffered through two episodes. The skinny hostess chica really is full of suck.

It’s terrible compared to the regular show, which I love.

There is certainly less drama, but the cooking tends to be pretty stellar.

Where are Padma and Tom when you need them!

I like it. Eric is right about the level of cooking. It’s also fun seeing these established chefs dealing with the crazy stunts that they throw at the contestants on the regular Top Chef show. I particularly enjoyed the first season of this show and was very impressed by Rick Bayless.

The cooking is pretty good and there is so drama with a couple of the chefs (Lee, Moonen, Samuelsson), but I don’t care that much for any of the judges. Kelly Choi has the fakiest smile and is slightly cross-eyed, so she’s not easy to watch. She’s also all angles and way skinny, with not enough butt to keep your boys off the sheet.

Seriously good looking cooking last night but seriously boring TV. A bit surprised at the outcome. Glad that Masters is done so we can get back to the regular Top Chef next Wednesday!

I ate at RM Seafood (Rick Moonens) last week and it was fantastic. Chef Moonen came out and greeted everyone. Service was top notch. Too bad he didn’t win but glad he’s getting recognition.

I totally agree with Eric about the cooking.

I also think Kelly needs to eat more of the cooking.