Top 5 Chianti Classicos?

Felsina(all levels), Querciabella, Fonterutoli, & Monsanto CCR top my regular buy list.
I looked at Selvapiana, but somehow I did not pick it up.
Larger styled Chianti’s are one of my favorite wines to pair with grilled meat, especially Querciabella.

Montervertine is certainly a long time favorite of mine,but even though Pergole Torte is 100% Sangioveto,it is not classified as Chianti Classico,rather Vino da Tavola.
Montevertine lovers care not.

My issue with Viticcio is the oak treatment. To me all of their wines have a bitter woody note on the finish that I despise. I am sure others feel differently.



I am getting thirsty!

Felsina of course but one I’ve been intrigued by is La Casaccia reserva. A traditional producer with no fluff. Hard to find though.

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Another shout out for Poggio Rosso by San Felice. I’ve only had bottles from the 80s (in the late 90s) but they were super.

In terms of what I buy consistently (which would be a combo of what I view as quality juice fairly priced):
Rocca di Montegrossi

Others that may become regular buys:
Isole e Olena
Castell’In Villa

Some that I’ve had that are good but usually a bit pricey:
Castello di Ama

My favorites are Viticcio Riserva, Cellole, Monsanto Riserva and Quercebella.

I wonder what was the matter with the 2005 vintage that it seems to be never mentioned as a good year when it often goes that the years 2004, 2006, 2007, are cited as being good vintages of Chianti Classico.

I have drawn the greatest pleasure, by far, from Fontodi. Yet I have collected the most Felsina. I need to fix that. Fontodi for me.

Great wine …love it …but its not Chianti…its Brunello di Montalchino

Here’s my 5: (never mind DOCG or Black Roosters)
Val delle COrti
Castell in villa


A senior moment…

I would throw Marchese Antinori CC on the list along with Fontodi, Felsina, Fonterutuli, etc…

I have not sampled anything other than Felsina and Fontodi - need to fix that. Had a chance to visit both producers and had great experiences with both.


Plenty of familiar names as far as my usual Chianti Classico buys - Monsanto, Felsina, Montevertine. This thread actaully made me order/re-stock on 2009 Monsanto CCR.
I’m one of the few who have not had (as far as I can recall) Fontodi. Will look out for it.

I was at a friends for dinner, pasta with ragu, and he was serving 08 Monsanto CC riserva and it held its own against middle of the road brunello. I picked up a few from Costco for $14. My question is what are the differences between the riserva and just the chianti classico? The tasting notes in CT seem about the same, wondering if it is cheaper or?

Felsina and Fontodi for sure. Montevertine if you care about geography rather than paper. One that I tried for the first time last year and liked very much is Montesecondo. I’ll be buying more of them.

I’ve never seen the CC it in retail here. I may have seen Il Poggio once or twice. Kind of odd.