TomDeBiase on the move...

Just got a notice from SamBilbro that WB’s very own Tom DeBiase is going to begin work for the
Idlewild tasting room. Quite a good/smart move I would say and a big plus for Idlewild and a perfect fit.
Sam & a few of us will be tasting some interesting Italian wines next Tues evening there at the tasting room.

Just to be very clear on what Tom just posted. The Tom DeBiase that Tom is referring to IS NOT ME but is my Wine Geek son Thomas who many of you know from his posting on the WB Boards and other wine centric sites, especially when it concerns Italian Wines.

Actually it was me who introduced him to Idlewild Wines back in 2013 when I had him taste the just bottled Barbera.

Tom (not Thomas :slight_smile:.

Thanks for clarifying that, Tom. Had no idea that there was two of you.

Wait…so who did I meet in Healdsburg a few years ago?

We met Thomas (the younger) in Healdsburg back in 2012.

Thanks for the clarification, Tom! I got Sam’s email as well and assumed it was you he was writing about.