Today's Food Truck Lunch: Kalua Pig

Honest, I had really good intentions today about lunch; something healthy and light.

But, then I spotted the “Aloha Fridays” food truck parked out front of my office building and I just couldn’t pass this up.

Seriously good kalua pig too; no fake smoke taste, just moist, juicy pork accompanied with a peppery macaroni salad and fluffy white rice. There was a pile of green stuff too.

Thanks for the tip. I’m going to try and get those guys over to our wine bar some night.


Definitely try and get them, great grub!

I also like the “Pies and Fries” truck; they have an amazing cheese grits with braised beef that I get every time, but the rest of the menu is a little odd.



We had Helena and her mom with Pies and Fries here already. Good stuff, nice people.

That looks seriously good.

If you have a smoker at home and a neighbor that has a banana tree (so you can stea some leaves) it’s quite easy to make Kalhua pig at home. I do it a few times per year.

Pork Shoulder - Cross hatch cut the shoulder
White Onions
Wrapped up in Banana leaves, tied off with roasting string

Smoke with Alder wood for a short period of time and go no wood chips for the remainder of the smoke.


One of my favorite recipes to entertain my buddies at USC tailgates.

Fight on! I still get chills when I see Traveler CCXXXVIII gallop around the track. Then, of course . . .

I am soooo jealous!


  • Frank

Having grown up Bruin, not sure what to make of advice from Trojans, but I can be open minded neener

Seriously, wish I had a real smoker at home, but urban dwelling doesn’t allow for that piece of equipment. I can get by with a stove-top smoker, but not the same thing by any means.



How does that coffee flavor go with the pork? pileon

The “Aloha Friday’s” truck was parked out front of my office again, but this time, I ordered a bit healthier.

Teriyaki Chicken with extra greens: