To The Newbies, I'd Like To Offer Up Some SQN Opinions

Bravo to Todd and the crew for stepping up to fill in the void. I’m starting to really embrace the new environment. For any SQN fans out there who’d like some personal opinions/interpretations on how some of the SQNs are drinking these days, feel free to shoot me a PM or post on this thread. I’m certainly not the end all be all of SQN but I have a deep enough stash that if some want some current impressions on drinking windows, etc…I’d be glad to pop a cork or two and give you my personal opinion. And…if any are in the Baltimore/Annapolis/DC area and would like to get together for a dinner (preferably Annapolis), I’ll treat to some SQN in recognition of our brave new world. And please note that this is not an empty offer. I’d love to meet some new board members and offering a bottle of SQN is the least I can do to contribute. In fact, I’ll be posting a fun thread soon where the winner will get a free bottle of SQN (likely Atlantis, Raven or Labels). Welcome all and enjoy the greener pastures.

Very generous (as usual) Justin. We should do something for MD/Bmore area berserkers. Let’s try and keep it French though [stirthepothal.gif]

Good to see you over here Justin!

What do you think of the new offering that just landed, rose, grenache and syrah?

I’ve only popped the Labels so far and it reminds me of the Atlantis syrah after release. It’s much more elegant than the Raven syrah and not as “heavy”. It will, though, improve with 1-2yrs of bottle age though I’m not quite sure how it will hold up in the very long term (8-12yrs). The recent barrel aged offerings seem more suited for long term cellaring where the non barrel aged offerings seem to do best in their first 3-5yrs. I think I gave the Labels a 94-96+ rating and should improve a bit over time. With that said, the Atlantis syrah is in it’s sweet spot for sure and should remain there for a few years. The most recent tasting of the Marauder was a bit of a mess and seems to be on the downhill slope. I never thought it to be one of the better SQN reds.

As a side note, get on the Omega pinot! Don’t miss the window here as it’s showing at prime time peak and has been for the last few years. SImply stunning and a few cuts above all other SQN pinots…IMHO.

I agree the Omega is in a very good spot, had some back in November and enjoyed it greatly.

We just had some of the Labels land, how long did you decant for? We have a few extras to stash so I’m thinking we should try one in the near future.
I really enjoyed the Omega last time we had it a couple months ago.

Disclaimer: these are not wines we have for sale. Personal consumption only but may we share if you happen to be around when we crack one .

I actually popped and poured the Labels. It improved after 30 minutes but not considerably after that through 3-5hrs. If you have a few, it’s worth trying one now to check it out. You won’t be disappointed. Just a hint of alcohol showing through and just slightly heavy but like I said…it’s worth kicking around now. Primetime is likely 1-2yrs away.

Where is the little “dreaming of SQN” gremiln??

Just scored a mag of omega so glad I pulled the trigger

keep them coming. I have recently had ventrolioquist, petition, ode to e, jftloi. I think I posted short notes on all of them on here.

Huge fan glad To have Justin here. Upset I can’t make his diner.

Justin - are you at all surprised that Manfred did not do better (points wise) in the 07 vintage?


You need to make sure that Rico doesn’t win or that bottle will show up in CC faster than you can say SQN. [whistle.gif]

The lastest Mr. K release…what size are the bottles? I see people on CT have both 375 and 750 listed???

I think you are confusing him with Jordan.

who are you again?

oh yeah, they guy flipping maybach, kapscandy and Scarecrow in commerce corner [middle-finger.gif]

New Baltomoron/DCian Berserker here. I’m in for some SQN tasting! [thankyou.gif]

Thanks for the info Justin. I have had the raven and atlantis a few times and really like both of them. I was able to get my hands on a few bottles of Labels and will probably hold onto them for a few more years before opening one.

Have you had the Pontiff yet? I really don’t ever remember seeing many notes on the rose or sweet wines from you.

I dont know Justin…other than M&E who knows SQN better than you!

Your posts on the wines and how they are drinking are very valuable.

I am well served by reading Brad Baker on champagne and Justin Bonner on SQN.

Also, Justin is clearly a generous man not only with his advice but his wine and money. Thank you, Justin. I would enjoy your company in Atlanta anytime, and I have never even met you!

Best, John

Correction, I am ATTEMPTING to flip Maybach and Kapcsandy in CC. [cry.gif]

I’m not Justin, but I own and drink these wines regularly.

The Mr. K wines are .375s, not .750s.

Prior to the Atlantis wines, I found the Syrahs and Grenaches to be approachable and delicious on release. Literally, from the day delivered. Starting with the Inaugural and Atlantis wines, with increasing proportions of Estate (Eleven Confessions Vineyard) fruit, the wines take longer to integrate and are not as immediately knit together as pre-Eleven Confession vintages. In my opinion, all of the Sine Qua Non red wines now require a year from release to begin to drink well. I no longer open these wines when I get them, but wait until the next iteration is released (regular to regular, long barrel-aged to long barrel-aged). Your mileage may vary, but I’m pretty comfortable with this approach.