To the Berserker Winebiz community

To: The Berserker Winebiz Community
From: Dan Kravitz


I sold my wine import business, Hand Picked Selections, early this year. The new owners naturally decided to make some changes. They reluctantly discontinued business with several of our producers, some of whom we had worked with for almost 20 years.

Over the next six months, I will be traveling to both Europe and South America, visiting both current and previous suppliers. I will no longer do business with previous suppliers, but would like to introduce them to potential American customers. I would neither earn commission or take any finder’s fee, simply make the introductions.

If any ITB board members could be interested, please e-mail me. Introductions could be anything from just passing on contact info, to arranging visits, to joint visits while I’m there.

Thank you for your interest.

Dan Kravitz, Founder
Hand Picked Selections

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I think @Tom_Wilcox from Ansonia Wines may be interested. I’ll send him an email with a link as well in case he doesn’t get this notification.

Thanks @JBrochu! I sure am – David I’ll email you shortly.

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Thank you J Brochu!

Thank you Tom Wilcox.

I’ll reach out to Tom.

Dan Kravitz

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We would be interested in talking to your previous suppliers. @Dan_Kravitz

Hi Matt,

Thank you.

Please PM or e-mail me.

Dan Kravitz