TNs: Two Aussies- Koonowla Riesling '07 + Kalleske Greenock

Koonowla Riesling 2007:
A fun little wine full of roasted pears, guava, lime zest, fresh flowers, crushed stones, and green apples. Light bodied, straw-colored and built with enough fruit and acidity to make this wine both enjoyable now and in the near future. I can’t wait for the temperature to increase here and remain constant . . . then a wine like this will become more enjoyable. 90 points

Kalleske Shiraz Greenock 2005:
This wine has toned down a bit in the year or so since I last had it. And this time I decided to visit it out of magnum! Packed with blue and black fruits, smoke and spice, minerals and licorice. It really is in excellent shape right now but will continue to provide enjoyment for some time. This is one of the better Aussie showings I have had recently. 92+ points