TNs: trapet, Perrot minot, Cristal, Clavelier

2001 Trapet Chambertin

Just. Phenomenal.

Drinking at or near absolute prime. Lovely bouquet with sous bois. Palate was perfectly integrated, super long finish. This is why we cellar burgundy.

2009 Cristal

Actually took awhile to open up but still in a good spot. Acidity, minerality and character all there in spades.

2019 perrot minot rue de vergy

Good, but not transcendent. No favors following the 01 Trapet

2015 Clavelier Combe brûlée

Great if not nearly ready.

Nice job. I love those Trapet wines. I have some from the earlier 2000s. So delicious.

Well, Morey Rue de Vergy and Combe brulee are Village wines, and (too) young imho - a bit unfair to compair them to Grand Cru Chambertin, I personally would have served them first.
But I agree that a mature Trapet can be great.

We bought the perrot minot from the list because we were out of wine. The Clavelier was from a couple days ago.

Aha, ok … and the Trapet was byob (?)

Yeah and the Cristal

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Have had some very good Trapet wines over the years. A '71 Chambertin about a decade ago was simply superb.

Been considering purchasing some village wines to age, thoughts on how rue de vergy or Combe brûlée will age properly cellared? 2019 seems like a good year to try. Perhaps I should just stick to 1er volnays , 1er gevery, or 1er Msd?

Village wines from good producers can age very nicely, as dom of course, 1’er’s. Unfortunately, many–Mugneret-Gibourg VR, Dujac Chambolle and Morey, Fourrier Gevrey VV, Roumier Chambolle-- have begun to be priced accordingly. One I like, and a deal if you can find, is Alain Burguet Gevrey Mes Favourites. All also can be backfilled, assuming you trust the source.

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Julie, are you asking about producers in particular or village generally? If you’re looking for village wines to cellar, Fourrier VV is a good bet, though maybe not the 18. It’s also still not priced too badly. Otherwise it’s the usual suspects.

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Thanks Greg and Joshua, appreciate the suggestions. I was looking for specifics on villages and 1ers. Had a recent Morey Rue de vergy (different producer) that was good, and wondered if it ages well. (Also a renewed interest with an offline of burgs and Rhône’s, of exploring more of the different appellations in burgundy. Most likely will focus on Côte de Nuits first.) With so many 1er options it’s a bit hard to taste them all, especially if you have to guess and cellar for 10-15 years. Trying to wait for forest floor to express itself, and it does not always with Pinot. I will be trying to backfill too, but that is more of a research as it comes up effort.

I would have asked for producers too, but thought that maybe something ppl are a little more reluctant to share unless it’s obvious.

Despite Burgundy’s fame for terroir, most collectors here would tell you producer trumps vineyard. Also posters tend to be happy to share their favorites.

I can’t think of any respected burgundy at the village or 1er cru level from a good vintage that doesn’t age reasonably well, though some are so good in their youth that I rarely give them that chance.

Since Trapet was mentioned in the OP, I’d nominate them for making age worthy village wines, especially Cuvée Ostrea.

Julie, I think most people would be happy to share most of their Burgundy favorites, there’s really not that much off the radar in Burgundy these days. I think part of the question from my perspective is what you like - more modern or not, stem treatment, etc. As Brady says, most Burgundy drinkers tend to view producer as more important than terroir, in which case the style of the producer is going to be really important to recommendations. If you hate whole cluster, you’re not going to be happy cellaring Dujac.

I just would like to add what Greg already well .said…specially for this line.

**As Brady says, most Burgundy drinkers tend to view producer as more important than terroir, in which case the style of the producer is going to be really important to recommendations.

Bizot is 100% with stem and also 100$ new oak for all his wines - according to J. Morris.

Bizot’s Marsannay CdRoy flirtysmile …is unlike any other Marsannay CdRoy. In the secondary market…it is around 1 bottle for 8 to 9 cases - case of 12 bottles - from others ( repeat : 1 bottle for 8 to 9 cases of the same wine made by other producers ).

So…here is what I would like to say : if you hate whole cluster, please do not buy any of Bizot reds…

I’m drinking the '14 at Le Bernardin right now. The somm recommended it as an under the radar selection. Phenomenal nose. Reminds me of the '19 L’Arlot RSV we had a few weeks ago.

Love Le Bernadin (for lunch, especially)–glad that the wine came through for you.

Haven’t had recent PM wines, how was the oak treatment on PM RdV?


Alain Burguet Gevrey - Mes Favouites - used to be my favorite Gevrey AC some years ago ( event before they changed the cuvee as Mes Favourite ); but not since around early part 2010s when I switched to Clos Tamisot by Damoy.

Sadly Damoy’s wines are no longer here lately I am moving into Claude Dugat - after an alert by Mr. William Kelly.

I want to try Dugat-Py’s - but price-wise is not wise.