TN's: SQN Into the Dark

Good friend Steve Williams brought this over…probably the best house warming gift I ever received. For some reason, lyrics from The Pixies, “Into the White” were echoing through my head while tasting…

04 SQN Into the Dark

Dark, inky, purple. The thing I love about the three SQN’s I’ve had…is a beautiful lacing of a purple flower…lavender/lilac…that Central Coast saddle leather, with some dried wood/oak and touch of chocolate. That “typical” grace and power you always experience with a SQN. Palate…my God…how to put into words. Medium/full body but with that Jackie-O grace. Totally consistent with nose but with a dark blueberry/plum and the experience of when you bite into dark chocolate…just amazing. Finish was looong.

Turned the evening into something special…

so you’re saying like a chubby Jackie O then? :stuck_out_tongue:.

Nice notes man, can tell you really dig the wine.