TNs: Scherrer and Biale

Just some quick impressions of a few wines I had recently.

2007 Scherrer Zinfandel OMV - This wine does not possess the mineral streak of the 05 or the cranberry/pomegranate tart profile, but rather a sweetish raspberry/strawberry all laced with that great underlying Zin briar patch element. Still well balanced and not the heavy big Zin style, but more elegant but packed with flavor. Another winner

2007 Biale Black Chicken Zin - Got this is splits when I went by Dan Posner’s store recently. Not crazy about it. Hard to describe the profile, no briar but some strange note that I could not pin down. I think I will give this some time as it did appear to be somewhat closed down. Judgment reserved.

2005 Scherrer Cabernet Sauvignon - Think this needs time also as it has lots of bell pepper and oak showing that needs to integrate. Under that there is currant and black licorice with good balance and structure. I will see how it does tonight on day 2.

Thanks for the check-in on the Black Chicken, Bob. I will heed your words and resist opening mine, or give it a long decant if I do. I think the stuff is there, though haven’t tried it in about a year.

Coincidentally, I had one of these with dinner last month. I’ve big a big Biale Zin fan for years and Black Chicken is usually a big hit with us. On this occasion, it seemed uneven at first when we poured out half a glass to sample. I then decanted it for about 90 minutes and it blossomed into full Black Chicken hedonism. I think it will benefit from a couple of more years, but a 1-2 hour decant would help alot right now.

This was my first Biale and first BC from Biale. I could tell even from the 375 ml that it could probably use some time. I am not familiar with the wine so this is how I learn. I should have checked CT first though [cheers.gif] .