TN's: Pedregal, Walter Hansel, SQN etc

We got together for a sad ocassion, after the service for a friend’s son. The wines seemed to be in a somber mood as well.
When I got there my friend had popped a bunch of 05 MD Boxer for the non wine drinkers. Someone handed me a glass. This wine is still good to my palate. Sweet cherries and black berries, baking spice and some booze of course.
There was some MP shiraz 9 floating around as well and that tasted like stewed tomatoes, I think it was cooked.
I had brought a Walter Hansel 02 North Slope. This was one of the highlights of the night to me. Great Cali pinot nose with cherries, cinnamon, a little cola, followed by a big palate of the same. Very balanced with a long finish. A delicious wine.
Next up was my other contribution, 1999 SQN The Marauder syrah. What a great nose. Fresh berries, rose petal, clove, and a little beef. The palate was a little lighter than I prefer but it carried some beef, bright berries and a velvety texture. Resolved tannins. For me, this is a drink up kind of wine. Would have preferred it a bit younger.
2007 Caymus Special Select. Unfortunately popped and poured. The nose gave nothing but oak. The palate had brooding fruit but again, just massive and nothing showing. Bummer because with even an hour of air I think this is great.
2006 Ramey Pedregal. Another bummer, another oak stick. Nothing but oak and brash tannins.
2006 MD Velvet Glove. Sweet, ripe blueberries and black berries on the nose. Velvety palate with some vanilla cream. Almost dessert like. Nver had a bottle I didnt like of this.

Berto, sorry for you friends loss.

As to the wines, since this is a tasting note of sorts, there will be more wonderful wines tomorrow.

Cheers my friend!

Thanks, it was good closure. He had gone missing at xmas. My friend was actually doing pretty well and seemed to enjoy himself having lots of people around. It was his Ramey and his Velvet Glove :slight_smile: