TNs: MV Krug, 2 big time winner Pinots from Au Bon Climat

All in an evening:

MV KRUG GRANDE CUVEE- interpreted from the ID code on the beige label, this was disgorged in July/ August of 2011 and since this kind of labeling started in mid 2011, this bottle had to come from the first release under the new system; not to be confused with the new labeling method, this bottle was so different from the typical profile for MV Krug; it had a lot of citrus notes with an accent on lemon orange; absent was the expected real toasty, nutty, often butterscotch flavor and the more rich and creamy texture as this had a lighter body and texture; although quite different, this still exuberates class and elegance; its more sophisticated and in a different package; its quality and excellence in a different expression for MV Krug.

2001 AU BON CLIMAT LARMES de GRAPPE PINOT NOIR- “the best wine Ive ever made” by Jim Clendenen; I believe it; well before this conversation, I had a bottle from a 750 that just simply smoked all other Pinot Noir from ABC and Ive had many and most and often; I usually do not relate to Burgundy vs. any other Pinot Noir, but in this case I relent; I love Pinot Noir/ Red Burgs and have a preponderance in my cellar; this is really good; with depth and complexity, it grows and expands from different layers to provide a complete experience from the aromatics on through the back end; it has a wonderful softness and is so easy on the palate when sipped, not slurped; this is a wine for which I bring out the Riedel Sommelier Burgundy stemware.

2006 AU BON CLIMAT LE BON CLIMAT PINOT NOIR- from magnum, this is quite attractive and more than pleasing; there`s an abundance of fresh red and black fruit with a touch of spiciness; it has good texture and is a full bodied, beautifully balanced wine; although this is drinking nicely now, it has a long time to go, especially in a large bottle format.