TNs: Mugnier Magic? Not so much.

Speaking of Marechale, a fellow at the table next to me at Yauautcha brought a bottle of ‘05 Marechale. Perhaps not my choice for dim sum, but ok. After hassling the staff over glasses, decanters, opening the wine, etc he proceeded to make a slurry of an entire carafe of soy sauce, both chili oil and chili garlic, to which he added a handful of birdseye chilis, all in a soup bowl. Everything he ate went into the soup bowl. He declared the wine to be delicious. Maybe I’m an outlier, but how can he tell?

Finished the Marechale, now on to Barolo.

Man, you must have been really bored to be paying that close of attention to another table!

Bit late to the party, but I’d add that a bottle of 2007 Mugnier Chambolle I had 5 years back was one of my epiphany wines. Stunning wine that had all the elegance and grace you’d associate with both Mugnier and the vintage more broadly. Sounds like bottle condition could have been a contributing factor here.

For certain wines I’m happy to pay current market price. At times the issue is being able to find them, and in a modest quantity (I have very little interest in buying single bottles of wines I need to age)

Thanks for your insight into my state of mind. Your post is but one example of why you are on my ignore list. Sorry that I looked to see what you posted. I shall not make that mistake again.

So, you are not of mind to keep your friends close but your enemies closer? Not everyone can be as sophisticated as thou art, Marky baby!

Finally matt. Finally. :rofl:.

I did have an decent 2010 fuees a few months ago off the list at Majordomo. Was hoping for it to be a bit better than decent at the price though.

More for everyone else!

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Any thoughts on the 2001 Musigny? CellarTracker notes appear strong, including from some I take more seriously.

On the other hand, CellarTracker appears to have more variation, with bottle by bottle differences from the same reviewer, on 2002 Bonnes Mares.

As I said above, that was one of the best wines of my life. Perfection. But I had it 7 or 8 years ago so I don’t know how it’s doing today.

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Perhaps he is a supertaster and nothing can stand in his way?

i don’t have a ton of experience with mugnier but have visited twice and have tasted a good handful of village, fuees, musigny, bonnes mares, and amouereuses over the years - mostly post 2000. i’ve never been taken with the marechale, but it’s perhaps the most important holding from a volume standpoint. i highly recommend a visit if you can get there.

so i just had to crack a bottle of 2001 Fuees tonight and my god, it’s just stunning. 750s should be outlawed and all wines should be bottled in 1L format because it needed the time and air, and my patience which did not materialize. airy, dense but light, exotic nose just launching from the glass. i’m afraid to look at current prices, but thank you premier cru!!

mugnier magic was delivered in spades this evening. sorry about the 2007 chambolle.



Mugnier is pure magic. Even his BONNES MARES, often criticized, always “SPEAKS” to me. And his CLOS de la Maréchale? A nuits in a Chambolle glove. Much better than what FAIVELY did with it at the time. Many people seem to disagree here. They are entitled to their opinion and, of course, it leaves more bottles for me to obtain. Lucky me !


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Glad you enjoy Muginer - my dear friend Johan.

Muginer is like the church bells, from Chambolle, ring under the water - at least for me personally. I could hardly hear the sound [wow.gif] despite trying to listen for it years ago.

Different strokes for different folks…so they say and. It is one of the many basic fact ( or charm ) for enjoyment of red burgundy wine [cheers.gif] .

My experience with Mugniers from 1985-2002, is that they are some of greatest Burgs I’ve had the privilege to drink.

Anyone pop 09 Mugnier Bonnes Mares recently? One of the prettiest wines I’ve tried. Top 3 WOTY for 2021 for me.

Chambolle 2006 and 2010 have been brilliant, Musigny 2001 also. Marechales 2006 and 7 excellent in a different style. Not that I had many but have never been disappointed. Have a few in the cellar that will need patience.Maybe just lucky (?). I’ll take luck anyway…

Mugnier’s wines are subtle and lacy.
Attended a vertical of Moose and I must say they didn’t all sing for me on the night, but the transparency and beauty of the 2001 was unmistakable.
I think the Marechale is an improver and recent 13 and 14 were both excellent.
I would love to be able to get hold of the Chambolle again. Recent 08 was as good as village Burgundy gets.
It is a bit of a cliche but they are wines that come to you. They are not showy and bold.

In my experience the Mugnier magic happens with the Amouruses. 2001 and 2002 have been stunners and the epitome of elegance. Reference standard of the vineyard besting my limited experience with Roumier, Vogue and Jadot.