TNs: JJ Prum Ausleses- 94 Wehlener, 90 Graacher

Both served blindly, decanted.

1994 JJ Prum - Wehlener Sonnenuhr - Auslese
Cinnamon spice on the nose that carried over into the mouth. Both peach and apple, with ample botrytis. Everything is in perfect balance. Not a wine that brings to mind 30 descriptors. Just one that shows all the harmony that you could hope for in a great riesling. I guessed a mid-90s Auslese, but I figured it was from the Rhine, given the cinnamon and peach notes. As often happens, Prum is sui generis. 93++ and counting. Young still.

1990 JJ Prum - Graacher Himmelreich - Auslese
Much deeper golden hue. Tightly wound, less giving than the 94, and drying out a tad. Good acidity. No botrytis notes showing. No clear Mosel or Rhine signature. Less complex than the 94. Good acidity at the back. 89 points for me.
This was bought in the secondary market and it may have suffered some wear and tear. It didn’t hold a candle to the 94.

Yeah, that does not sound like a '90 Prum Auslese.

Damn the '94 sounds delicious, John. You drink very, very well!

Through the generosity of friends.

94 and 04 are special right now!

+1. I got that impression from our Pruem dinner a few months ago too.

Thanks for the impressions John.

I’m wondering if the WS AL 94 was the one sent for approval in 1996 or 2006? - did you have a chance to see the AP# ?
The 2006 release seems impossibly young and is a great wine.

I didn’t not the AP number. I think the person who brought this bought it on the original release.

These still needed decanting at their age?

We taste blindly and therefore decant everything.

I certainly don’t think it hurts them, as they’re never going to oxidize with that much sugar. And decanting certainly can help young rieslings. Given how backward Prums tend to be relative to other Mosels, I don’t think I’d have an issue decanting any Prum Auslese under 30 years. But that’s just a hunch.

Well I believe that they improve with several days with extended exposure to oxygen. Especually at their age