TNs: High Rolling $200 Sweet Wines; First of 2015


My first two non-icewine sweet wines of 2015 also happen to be $200 botrytised wines as well. Go big or go home, right? I just happened to see these at the tasting bar for the flagship Queen’s Quay LCBO. They really wanted to push these for Xmas/New Year’s, apparently, with limited to no success as the Ace of Spades, Cristal, and Dom Perignon were completely emptied in comparison and I couldn’t sample those. :frowning: Ah well, I’ll just have to settle for:

Egon Müller 2006 Scharzhofberger Riesling Auslese – Whoa. If I hadn’t seen the number 2006 so clearly on the bottle, I’d have guessed this was bottled last year and not 8 years ago. An absolutely delicious German Riesling that tastes like a TBA yet has the silky body, texture and fluidity of an Auslese.

Seriously, this was incredible. Tastes of lemon cream pie and honeydew with strong hits of botrytis glycerin but not too strong. Suprisingly, it’s medium to full-bodied with a whopping 13% ABV which only adds to its marvel. I didn’t realize an Auslese could get that high in ABV. Astonishing wine. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for all you high-rolling Riesling lovers

Chateau Climens 2007 Barsac – A Barsac from one of the best vintages from a house that many on this board here consider second only to Yquem itself? Yeah, I’m trying a sample of that!

Bright orange gold in color. Smells of honey and Asian Pears which is really different from most Sauternes. Full-bodied, with powerful but silky smooth tastes of honey, vanilla custard, dried pineapple and really powerful bursts of botrytis glycerin. Did I say bursts? More like a steady stream of the stuff but very pleasant to experience. Interestingly, this was truly the silkiest texture I’ve ever experienced for a Sauternes. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you can roll high enough for it but can’t afford Yquem

Nice notes. I’ve been stockpiling 07 Climens because my wife and I got married in 07.

Tran, you’ve made me jealous. =) I’ve never tried an Egon Muller, and the only time I’ve tried an 07 Climens, I think it had been heat damaged.

If the Scharz Aus is actually $200, you should back up the truck on it.

@Ryan. Awww… that’s so sweet. <3 I’m gonna puke! I hate happy couples! neener

@Ashish: It is very gratifying to have made you jealous seeing as how it’s always the other way around usually. [cheers.gif]

@Adrian: That is the accurate price for the Egon Muller. $199.90 CDN to be exact. From what I see on the interwebby, it does seem to be a very good deal.

If you haven’t bought them by the time I’m back in Toronto, I’m taking them all. You have been warned.

Yes market for Muller Auslese always exceeds GBP 200 these days. What’s the AP on the 06? I have at least two different ones I think, one might be the auction.

@Russell: No idea what the AP is on it.

FYI, the LCBO also has the 05 Gold Capsule and that goes for a whopping $439 CDN.

Wow—they brought in some 07 Climens after all? I’m running down there soon as I can!! Thanks for the notes, Tran. If I do, in fact, get down there, I will duly report on this thread if tasting is still possible…website isn’t showing any listing at all :frowning: