TNs from the last few days

2006 Loring Clos Pepe
I was surprised by this. I was looking for the giant sweet pinot experience and ended up with what I could only call a tight syrah experience. The nose was fairly closed and the palate dark and brooding but dark blackberrish hints rather than cherries. I think I would have loved it if it was open, but I dont know that I would have pegged it as a PN. Interesting.

2005 Tablas Creek EDB
As always, pleasing, and a great QPR. Dark and brooding, a bit of alcohol and lots of black fruits with significant stuffing. I think these will go for 5-10 years.

2004 El Nido Clio
Holy shit if this doesnt smell like oak with oak juice. Now I like oak, I like it more than most but this is up there with the 2002 Monbousquet I had about a month ago that gave me oak diabetes. The palate also shows a ton of oak but there is a lot of fruit in the background, mostly underripe blackberries and blueberries. Interesting texture. Also a little heat. Disjointed though at 2 hours its getting better…Ill re check tomorrow.

2005 Mas Des Dames
Dont remember much about this. Garagiste special. Red fruits but I remember wishing for a little sweetness. Heavy tannins and some tightness. Time may do this good.

+/- a few berries and a bottle of Smirnoff but yeah, you got the idea…

'05 Clio has more oak than the '04…IMHO…although I do like them both. I sucked down six of the '05 within six months of them being release, but haven’t revisited in almost a year.

I agree Tex, but I loved 03 04 and 05 out of the gate. They all seem to have tuned down the fruit and the Oak has stayed huge, less so , but still the case with 05. I hope they all come out a great wine on the other side. Havent had an 03 in a while…Ill check on them in a few months I think.

The lack of sweetness on the Mas des Dames is exactly why I liked it so well. For me it showed restrained ripeness, oak and extraction and had genuine concentration and character. Here’s my note:

Savage and traditional on the nose with dust and roasted earth, garrigue, dark fruit, game and leather. With time more lifted grenache driven fruit comes out. Tannic and mineral on the palate. Moderate finish with juicy black fruit.I do not find any overripeness or pruniness that others mention, but rather a good wine showing fresh fruit, terroir and structure. Not much more to ask at $16.

I keep saying I will move one of these to the front of the queue but it never seems to get there. Looking forward to it.

I’ve got three more Garagiste S France / Corsican wines I want to try soonish…

2005 Domaine Cordoliani Vin de Corse
2005 Domaine Henri Milan Les Baux-de-Provence Clos de Milan
2006 Domaine des Miquettes St. Joseph

Anyone had these recently? For that matter anyone had either of the Mudigliza wines lately? I opened one over the weekend and found it to be a simple fruit bomb with not a lot of interest, curious what others may have found.

Yeah, I am into ripe wines no doubt. I think the Dames will get a bit sweeter with time, which will be good for me/bad for you :slight_smile:

I had a Mudigliza but I cant remember which one recently, I might have had two different ones. Didnt think either was particularly ripe, ie. I thought they were nice drinking wines but also wished for more stuffing and ripeness, so they may be right in your wheel house
When I get Garagiste shipments, I usually try one of each as soon as Im done rolling my eyes at myself

Yeah Garagiste is always a bundle of random joy :slight_smile:

It was the 06 Mudigliza Carmine I had that I found overripe and simple. To me it seemed like the kind of wine that would go over well served to a large group of non wine drinkers… sweet, simple, easy.

Humberto. Do you like high octane stuff?

Almost exclusively…
Cali Syrah, Cali Cabs, Cali Pinot (the bigger boys Loring, KB, Seasmoke and the likes), Oz Shiraz is the order of representation in my cellar by volume

Smattering of Bordeaux but mostly Pavie, Lascombes and the more “cali like” Some Spain (Nido, Moncayo) and some Cali PS and Zins.

All High Octane
Go Big or Go Home [berserker.gif]

Gotcha. Good to know in case you ever really love a wine…I probably should not run out and buy it. Lol.


No wonder we get along so well.

The last wine I went boots up over was an Atlantis Syrah in my house the other night. You should go out and buy it. Holy crap was that good.
But generally speaking, if you like delicate wines you should not ever buy anything I love. I try to be descriptive in my TNs though and usually point out that I like Oak and I like heat. This particular set was short because of all the junk thats being going on over at Ebob…didnt spend much time writing them.

I have had the Clio a few time. I always found a lot more oak than you seemed to find in yours.

I see the 06 TC EDB locally for $35. Anyone tried it yet?

Havent had it in a while Loren, but the EDB 06 from what I remember wasnt much different than the 05. Same kind of QPR to me.

Ive always thought the Clio, and the Nido for that matter are oaky wines. I like the oak, but the last few times Ive had Clio theyve been MOSTLY oak, which even I have a problem with. Havent had this problem with El Nido yet, though I wouldnt be surprised if oak starts taking over fruit for a few years at some point even in the more expensive bottling. Ill make it down there some time and we’ll Nido it out [berserker.gif]

For the record (my own record mostly) on day 3 the Clio still shows some oak, but some black fruit is now challenging for prominence. A much better glass of wine today than two nights ago. Nice streak of acid there that I couldnt even begin to fathom when I first opened it.