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Most likely all of us with a passion for wine have established truly special friendships and connections through the medium of the world of wine. A recent experience epitomizes the essence of such.

I frequent a few wine related websites that I read and post remarks on. On Wine Beserker, I received an invite to play a round of golf in the Pasadena area at a country club and join in on a dinner featuring Champagne and red and white Burgundy with some other website board members, many of whose names I recognized and have high respect for, having read many of their comments and tasting notes over the past few years. The invite came from someone I`d never met, but who had surmised I might enjoy this kind of day after reading some of my posts. What a great call!

I accepted immediately, a date was set, overnight lodging accommodations were secured at the Langham Huntington in Pasadena and off I went with my wife to share some bliss.

The wines:

1996 DOM PERIGNON- one of my all time Champagne favorites, this was so good out of the gate upon release, I had a struggle to not open all that I purchased and re-purchased; I finally stored a few off premises to just allow for maturation and to make it more difficult to access; this bottle reminded me of why I did that; it was really, really good and as good as any I`ve had; wonderful complexity with a multitude of flavors and bracing acidity; a great start to a great evening.

1990 DOM PERIGNON- One of my favorite DPs since the 70s and a great bring, but unfortunately corked.

2002 CRISTAL- of all of the younger Champagnes I ve tasted in the past 6 months, this has been showing beautifully and as good as most of my older, top vintage bubblys; Its kind of like the 96 Dom, I just have to have it from time to time and buy more to store off premises where I cant get to it so easily; although this was very good, it was not the best I`ve had; it was good enough to go back for a 2nd pour.

2002 BOUCHARD CORTON- CHARLEMAGNE- another corked wine.

1992 J.M. BOILLOT BATARD MONTRACHET- 1.5L; a fantastic bottle loaded with nice citrus fruit especially grapefruit with wonderful palate pleasing texture and a layered complexity that pleased even more.

2004 MARC COLIN CHEVALIER-MONTRACHET- highlighted buy its minerality, steely and herbal character, it had an oily mouthfeel and good acidity.

2006 BONNEAU DU MARTRAY CORTON- CHARLEMAGNE- nice ripe stone fruit and citrus notes along with some minerals and a touch of spice in fine balance and good length.

2000 BERNARD DUGAT PY CHARMES CHAMBERTIN- initially the nose gave off a metallic, flinty character which moved on out and gave way to some nice ripe strawberry/ raspberry with a dollop of spice all in a medium body; good, youthful in every way red Burg.

2002 FAIVELEY CHAMBERTIN CLOS DE BEZE- although I liked this a lot, I expected it to be more on the big side and it was anything but; in a medium body, it offered a gentle, pleasing light red cherry/ berry, spiced nose which continued on into the mid palate; probably most impressive was its balance; this is for sipping pleasure and enjoying its velvety texture.

1994 COMTE GEORGES DE VOGUE BONNES MARES- major serious juice here; a true winner with just the right amount of sweet, ripe red and black fruit in perfect balance; silky smooth and full of power yet gentle finesse; my WOTN amongst the red Burgs.

1986 LEROY POMMARD LES VIGNOTS- nicely mature, I liked its complexity and depth carrying along fresh strawberry notes, easiness on the palate and soft, steady finish.

1953 MARGAUX- 375 ml; fortunately, what was inside was a whole lot better than the appearance of the bottle/ label; there was a pleasant surprise of decent fruit, softness and viability for the vintage, age and small bottle format.

Two dessert wines were also on hand:



For me, a memorable day of golf, great wines and quality folks and as I often say about stellar experiences, I could do this once a week easy.


Great set of wines, very nice to read your notes and see that you had such a nice time in Pasadena.


Great meeting you Blake! Had a blast hanging out and even though we had spectacular wines, the setting led to really great conversation opposed to just talking and drinking wine. It’s not often I have many get togethers where 90% of the conversation isn’t about what we drank last week. Still trying to ply that location of the Fountain of Youth from you Blake :wink:

I’ll add some notes when I get a chance!

Charlie, as you have stated, it was a pleasure to meet you and share a fine evening together. I was hoping you and any others might post some notes because mine are a little weak based on a rinse I did after the corked wine early on. I poured water from the tap, swirled my glass and drank it only to find it was scalding hot and my palate was singed from there on. I had to really reach out to discover some of the nuances of each wine thereafter. I have recovered.

My notes on the night:

The wines:

1996 DOM PERIGNON- Not sure how long the bottle was opened before I got to it, but at least half of it was gone :wink:. Dom in every vintage throws off intense bottle variation and the 96 is no different. I’ve had ones with just intense acidity but this one was as good as it gets. The texture was soft and round and the flavors were full and complex as you get loads of that sweet apple and stone fruit balanced with just the right amount of acidity. The finish was long and lip smacking good. Wonderful wonderful wine.

2002 CRISTAL- Hard to follow up after the Dom as the Cristal was a bit fat and ripe for me. But unlike the 99/2000 which didn’t have sufficient acidity to play with the “big” fruit, this one did. It was a nice drink but still needs time to shed that baby fat

1992 J.M. BOILLOT BATARD MONTRACHET- 1.5L; took about a hour to open up. I’m surprised we finished the magnum. Drinking in a wonderful spot, tart stone fruit, power and structure that’s typical of Batard. What I most enjoyed was the silky texture that only comes with age from white burgs. It’s almost as if the wine glides off your palate. The minerality and acidity has blended together to work with the lushness of the fruit. Great drink, glad I have uno mas.

2004 MARC COLIN CHEVALIER-MONTRACHET- I think the best word to describe this wine is zesty pineapples. The palate had that sweet pineapple flavor with a really nice acid kick. I wasn’t expecting it from an 04 and I loved the freshness of it. Still has many many years ahead of it as that acidity integrates it’s gonna be very nice.

2006 BONNEAU DU MARTRAY CORTON- CHARLEMAGNE- Was surprised by the concentration of fruit and how well balanced it was due to the vintage. BDM knocks it out every year with their CC and this wasn’t an exception.

2000 BERNARD DUGAT PY CHARMES CHAMBERTIN- Ripe Cali Pinot with 100% new oak. That’s what someone put in the bottle right? :smiley:. Lots of oak on the palate, there’s a freshness to the fruit but that oak is pretty overwhelming.

1994 COMTE GEORGES DE VOGUE BONNES MARES- I thought the wine was showing a bit tired. I’m not the biggest Vogue fan as they show a bit too rustic in certain vintages and I thought the tea leaf/earth was a bit overwhelming on the palate. The fruit to me was fading… I’d say drink up.

1986 LEROY POMMARD LES VIGNOTS- Best bottle I’ve had out of 4. Tart cherries, spice on a long soft palate. If this bottle was any indication it can go on for many more years. Too bad the other 3 bottles I had were pretty tired in comparison.

1953 MARGAUX- 375 ml; This had life of about 40 minutes before it just turned into soysauce but what it did have was great texture mixed with a really “cool” fruit flavor.

Charlie, great notes and thanks for filling in some blanks for my fried palate.

My reference to playing golf omitted the fact that our host made a hole in one during this round. It`a always great to witness rare feats. I think I was more excited than he was.