TN's: Burgundy Rhone Birthday Wines

Here are a few notes from the last couple of weeks.
My birthday recently came and went.
A nice time.

2002 Jean Milan Champagne Terres de Noel Blanc de Blancs
A wonderful nose of brioche, light hazelnuts and citrus. Integrated and sexy. The palate is light in the mouth. It dances with vivacity.
Crystaline fruit. Some spicy elements on the finish. This is extraordinary!

1995 Clos des Papes Chateauneuf du Pape (750ml)

The nose is absolute Chateauneuf du Pape perfection. Red/black fruit that is meaty and inviting. Spice from Provence. Ethereal in quality.
The palate is resolved with a host of red fruit, meat and spice notes that continue forever on the finish. Profound. The best Clos des Papes I have ever tasted.
Thanks Gary.

2000 Pegau Chateauneuf du Pape

The nose here is muted. Dark fruit. Loaded with spice and sous bois elements. There is something that is off here. The length is a little off. This bottle was just not right.

1988 Krug

Perfection on the nose. Golden fruit. Spice. Brioche. Wow!
The palate is so focused and delicious. Some apple type fruit. Very long in the mouth. Still young in many ways. Profound.

2002 Dauvissat Chablis Les Preuses
The nose of White Burgundy now. A melange of golden fruit, minerals and an element of truffle that just makes this compelling. Burgundy catnip!
The palate shows fabulous fruit. Crystalline in quality. The length is what is special here. It stays in the mouth forever. Profound.

2004 Belluard Les Alpes Gringet (Savoie)
A floral nose. The palate is loaded with vibrant fruit. The wine has simple structure but great vinosity. Very nice! Thanks Jimmy.

1999 Clos des Lambrays

Wonderful nose of darker fruits and earthiness. Sexy. The palate is full and shows fantastic length. This is still on the way up.
Thanks Rowdy.

2005 Kistler Kistler Vineyard Pinot Noir
California pinot nose. intense red/black fruit. A cola element to me. The palate is focused and shows really nice acid. Great length. This was a surprise. Very nice.
Thanks Jimmy.

1990 Guigal Cote Rotie La Landonne

Just perfect in every way. I don’t really know how to describe this ever evolving monster. Dark fruit. Spice. Bacon. A real savory component on the nose and palate.
The length is just unbeiievable. If there was ever a 100pt wine, this would be in the top 5. Thanks Michael.

1990 Chapoutier Hermitage La Pavillon

A nose that is surmature. There is spice here. Ample fruit. Bacon fat. Meaty. Extremely nice and full in the mouth but it doesn’t have the get up and go of the 1991.

1991 Chapoutier Hermitage La Pavillon

Wow! A perfect Hermitage nose. Dark fruit. Meat. The palate is large at once in the mouth but bursts with incredible complexity. Again, this is very high up there on the perfection scale. Thanks John.

1998 Les Clos de Caillou Chateauneuf du Pape Reserve
A seamless wine. Dark fruit. Spicy notes. Some herbes de Provence. Bacon. The palate is sexy and oh so full. Long in the mouth. This is one of the 1998’s that will make you a believer. Thanks John.

All in all, not a bad way to spend a couple of weeks.

Don, I don’t even know where to start on these wines and their notes. Wow.

Perhaps the warmer weather has me lusting most after the notes I read on the Dauvissat. That’s one Chablis I need to find a way to procure, as I believe it is more my style than something like Raveneau

Very nice Don.
Bummed I missed the last 10 bottles or so in your list at dinner with the guys last night.
Life got in the way.
Sounds like you all a had a good time.

You would love Dauivssat.
I really think Forets and Preuses are the sweet spot at that house.
They are all great however.

Next time.
We have to do something soon.

Some very nice wines for your birthday, Don. I really like the 2002 Milan, and I have a few of the 95 Clos des Papes but have never had one like yours. Mine have always been very good but not “profound”. Sorry about the 2000 Pegau - I had a really good one last month. And again my 98 Caillou wasn’t nearly what yours was. I love the 91 Pavillon - a couple years ago it was on the list at Carre des Feuillante for something cheap like 150 Euros. Even the sommelier commented that not too many people know about this wine, but thanks to Scott Manlin opening it at Jeff Leve’s house, I knew it was great.

Happy Birthday and hope they are all celebrated with great wines like these.

Great notes, thanks!

Real pity on the 2000 Pegau. I have had some really incredibly good bottles of that wine. Totally agree with you on the Krug though - not as heralded as the 1990, but an excellent champagne in its own right, just starting to hit its stride now.


Nicely done and congratulations.

I brought a '95 Clos des Papes to an OL a few years ago. It was in some prodigious company of Chateauneuf du Pape, Cote Rotie and others.

I remember feeling drawn to this wine despite the distractions of the many great wines and socializing. Ultimately, the wine seemed very nice but did not stand out in any significant way.

Later that night, I found myself thinking about this wine. The next day, I actually remembered it so vividly that it seemed like I actually was experiencing it anew. In retrospect and without distraction, I came to realize what an extraordinary and cerebral wine it was.

Glad you had a similar reaction – in the moment rather than in the rear view mirror.


Congrats Don!

Thanx for the note on the 99 Clos des Lambrays. Had the 2001 after a 6 h decant (early days of May); this is also strongly on its way up.


Happy birthday Don! Glad you had a good time with some semi-mature wines…2000 Pegau is drinking gorgeously these days.

Happy Birthday Don.
Best Regards

Don, thanks for the interesting notes on some fine birthday wines. I agree with you on the 88 Krug, it is terrific and one of my all time favorite Krugs because of the great intensity married with the above-average acidity. The 90 and 91 Hermitages are also a treat, but I don’t have any of the Guigals or Pavillons so it is nice to hear that they’re continuing to drink well. Perhaps some of my friends with some bottles of those wines will be kind enough to share them with me in the near future!

Happy belated birthday Don and great notes. I have been thinking of adding some of the 2002 Jean Milan to my cellar. That note will put that thought more deeply into my head.

That’s a nice set of wines, even a few I’ve been lucky enough to sample. Happy BD Don.

HAppy Birthday Don, great notes. The 2002 Preuses was the first Dauvisset I ever tried, and I remember how compelling it was as well. Your description is right on.

Happy Birthday Don!

Some lovely wines there, good going! Love that Jean Milan and Dauvissat, yum…

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