TNs: A morning taste through the ‘19 Rivers Marie Pinots

I was at the winery this morning and they had all the ‘19 Pinots in tank getting ready for bottling in a couple weeks. Anne tasted me through the lineup.
These wines are always good and getting better every year. The Occ Ridge, Summa Old Vines and Platt were particularly expressive making me want to go long on what I can get. Only 70 cases of Platt this year so a lot of people won’t get their wish list filled. Happy and honored with just a taste.

Notes from memory:

Bearwallow -Dark color, sharp, acidic, needs a little air.

Silver Eagle - structured wound up, should settle down by the time it’s released.

Occidental Ridge - savory orange peel explosive fruit.

Summa - polished pine needles orange zest

Summa Old Vine - World class nose, (l loved Anne’s line that she wishes she could put that in a tea bag and hang it around her neck all day and just smell it) it’s just that good, elegant, plush strawberry, dried orange peel, pine needle, stroking my wine ego.

Platt - Summa on steroids, same mouthfeel with black cherry fruit and seamless transition from front to finish.


Sounds like another great vintage!

Thanks for the notes and hope Ive got enough tenure on the list to get what I’d like to

No smoke taint? That’s great.
The Kincade Fire was pretty close to some of these vineyards and so destructive I was afraid 2019 vintages all throughout Sonoma/Napa might have some adverse affect.

This fire thing is going to happen annually. Damn climate change…so cal is burning as I write this.
Anyways, considering rivers Marie didn’t release many of the 2017 cabs because of smoke, I’m sure they won’t release smoke tainted Pinots in 2019.

The Kincade fire didn’t start until the end if October after harvest. Pinot is in in late August early Sept.

=) awesome. newhere

Looking forward to picking up some RM Pinots in Jan.

Thanks for the notes Brian.

Thanks for the notes Brian.

Nothing like some wine before lunch!

Hell, I hadn’t had breakfast yet. [snort.gif] I think morning is the best time to taste, your palate is fresh.

Except the alcohol hits you like a brick with nothing in your system. At least for a wuss like me…

Lucky you Brian. Nice notes, thank you!

Agree. The 10 am appointment is always my favorite to truly taste wines

Hell, it was a work day, I spit.

There’s nothing like morning To Kalon, GIII, Dr Crane etc barrel samples with Mike Smith. I like Thursdays!

Mine as well! The pourers aren’t tired of giving the same old spiel, and it’s less crowded.

Sounds great! I haven’t done that but pretty close was tasting through the Carter line up with Mark in the a.m.