TNs 4 Bottles with Matt Denny in Phi

Was in Philadelphia this week on business and tried to get an offline set up but could not muster a group of Berserkers. Matt Denny messaged me Thursday morning and said he could meet up so I made reservations at Will byob which came recommended by another Berserker.

Cozy little place with about 10 tables. We were the first ones seated. I told Matt I was bringing three bottles so he brought a '14 Becklyn Sauv Blanc as a starter. Just as I remember it, medium bodied, asian pear, lemon lime, citrus zest, zingy acidity. I’ve had so many people say they don’t normally enjoy Sauv Blanc but love this wine. Matt says he has customers who buy it by the case and pass on his Cabs. It was a winner on this night.

We opened the three reds I brought allowing them to get some air.

'99 Jade Mountain La Provençale was an iffy proposition and if it weren’t for the cork taint may have been fun. Light bodied, brick red, secondary aromas on the nose. Fruit was still showing nice with dried cranberry and cherry. Fairly good balance but just kinda meh. The TCA took hold after opening and within 20 minutes we shelved the bottle, swapped glasses and moved on.

'10 Fattoria Galardi Terra di Lavoro Roccamonfina was tight as a drum on pnp so we followed it throughout dinner. Man was this a treat after a couple hours. Deep dark fruit (not to be confused with over-ripe), impeccably balanced, seamless from start to finish. This was a secret santa gift a couple years ago and now is on my radar for reload. WOTN

'09 Myriad Cab Sauv Beckstoffer Georges III was another treat on the opposite end of the spectrum from the Aglianico. Signature Mike Smith nose, GIII purple and blue fruit, ripe, full bodied, round and deep. Mouthful of blueberry, still very young, no rush, still firm tannins. Really good but you shouldn’t be in any hurry to drink these.

Overall it was an interesting mix along with some well made dishes. The place was really hopping when we left and seemed to be quite popular. This byob thing is played weird outside California. Did not realize that they do not have wine lists. Either you byo or you go to a restaurant with a wine list and have no corkage available. Thanks to Mr Foley for the tip!

Thank Matt! Was a great time as always. [cheers.gif]

That was a great note!

Great tasting notes. It’s good that I did not attempt to come after all. weather delayed gave me 5+ hours delay en route. Have one
'10 Fattoria Galardi in the cellar, hence thank you for the data update. I was thinking when I should open this one.

Aside from the fact that there was a train wreck the day before. [wow.gif] The weather affected air travel really bad as well. My inbound flight was delayed 4 times.