TNs: 2016 La Colombera Colli Tortonesi Il Montino, NV Pehu Simonet Champagne Grand Cru Fac

A couple of good wines this weekend. Where has Timorasso been all my life?

  • 2016 La Colombera Colli Tortonesi Il Montino - Italy, Piedmont, Colli Tortonesi (6/7/2021)
    Where has Timorasso been all my life. Loved this bottle. Slight reduction, and hints of petrol pop from the glass. So incredibly fresh and vibrant with mineraity and the most puckering acidity that is somehow buffered with a sweetness that keeps pulling you back in. I decanted, and this felt like it was just getting going after about an hour. Too bad we drank it so quickly. Cool wine. Want more.
  • NV Pehu Simonet Champagne Grand Cru Face Nord Brut - France, Champagne, Champagne Grand Cru (6/6/2021)
    Really dig these wines. Nice value recommendation from Scott at Lopa. Complex lemony with hints of reduction. Crisp and tangy green apple and mousse on the delicate palate. Really nice as it warms and a background creaminess comes on. Second good bottle out of three and going looking for more.
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Great note on the Colombera, Dennis, I have the same reaction. Timorasso somewhat resembles Chenin Blanc, to my taste, which is a very good thing.

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Thanks, Oliver. I was thinking last night that it was fluctuating between being Chenin-like and also dry Riesling. Really appealing, in general, and I look forward to the last glass I left for tonight to see what’s up a day later.

you should take a look at this guy’s blog I mentioned in my Timo post:

He has one whole blog entry devoted to Colombera. Quite an extensive coverage of the grape.

I think the connection of Timo to CheninBlanc is a bit of a stretch. I find it resembles Viognier more than anything,
though not quite the same perfume.

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I find it has much more acid/structure/complexity than Viognier, and see some of the CB characteristics, but maybe with more of a Roussanne exoticness.

Thanks for the discussion, guys. Drinking the last glass now and it certainly has a fragrance and texture that might make one think of Chenin. Held up really well overnight, too (something I seldom do, or believe in). Cheers.

I really like the recent Pehu wines. They have come a long way in the last several years.

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Tried another Timorasso producer last night, the 2019 Ezio Poggio, Caespes, from Colli Tortonesi Terre di Libarna. Supposedly the highest altitude Timorasso (2000’), this doesn’t have the same weight as the Massa wines I’ve tried, nor quite the exoticness, but it’s really delicious, with a bit more citrus brightness and acidity, and a really cool spicy, fennel/anise thing going on in the nose and on the finish. $25 retail in high-overhead Oregon, check it out if you like the grape.

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