TNs: 2012 and 2013 Felsina CCR Rancia

I’ve been buying Felsinas since the early 1990s and have had most vintages. This is the first taste of the 2012. I’ve had the 2013 a few times.

2012 Felsina Chianti Classico Riserva Rancia
Chianti rarely hits you over the head with great aromatics and this is no exception. You kind of have to hunt for it – but, it’s there. Black cherry, a black walnut note I associate with (gasp) Latour, something floral and lightly herbal in the distant background. Like biting into the most perfectly sweet crunchy black cherry. Very fresh with nice tannic grip. Love the balance. Really nice wine.

2013 Felsina Chianti Classico Riserva Rancia
A bit more of everything here. Despite some very light VA, the nose is pretty shy here. Some of the same black walnut and some roasted plums mixed in with the cherry fruit. The fruit is a notably riper. Quite a wall of tannins here. Acidity keeps it fresh. Juicy wine. More powerful and a bit less elegant than the 2012. Again, very long finish.

Very interesting to taste these side by side. I like them both a lot for different reasons.

Just had an amazing 10 with some steak…drank VERY Bordeaux-esk…and yes, Latour came to mind! Inspired me to reload on some 15.

Wow, I’m surprised these young Rancias are showing so well. I’m drinking my 95’s and 99’s. The last '06 I opened was tough as nails, but it’s been a couple of years. I haven’t opened anything more recent, but I’m encouraged you enjoyed these so young.


Thanks for the notes J. Dove. I’ve had each of the '06, '07 and '13 Rancia’s recently. I found the '06 and '07 to be delicious, but thought each would benefit from at least ~5 more years in the cellar. The '13 I had was also delicious, but given that wall of tannin you referred to and the fact that it was still building after ~5 hours and better on day 2, I’m trying to lose them in the cellar for the next decade to get the most out of the wine. Either way, every time I taste these I’m astonished at what they sell for compared to wines of similar quality. One of the best QPRs for me anywhere.

Felsina for me is a wine that gets ‘older’ more than it gets better as it gets older – at least relative to, say, a top Bordeaux or a Barolo or Barbaresco or similar ageworthy wine. I might like them a bit better older – but, it’s not a super strong preference for me. That said, I have them going back into the '90s and I generally wait 10 - 15 years before starting to pop them.

And I totally agree with the comment that these are great relative values.

I feel this way about many a wine, but I can see this applying to many sangiovese, not just Felsina.

I came back to these (they were coravin’d) and I have a clear preference for the 2012. The 2013 is, IMO, a bit over-ripe. I’m glad I have more of it – but, I prefer the freshness of the 2012.

2012 is a good Chianti vintage. “Peer” Fontodi Vigna del Sorbo is also excellent.