TNS: 2008 Dom | 2000 VCC | 2000 Ceretto Barolo | 2020 Louis Michel MdT

A night when all wines fired.

Good friends in town over the weekend, feeling celebratory so I pulled the 2008 Dom Perignon for a check-in. I’m no champagne expert, but this is a gorgeous wine that really does need more time. Starts fairly linear, taut, but powerful like an ocean surge (pardon, just went through a hurricane here). Big mousse present. Buttered croissant with a kiss of sea salt, some flinty-ness as well. Starts with some tart citrus fruits, lemons in particular, and as it fleshed out over several glasses, showed peaches, kiwis and a melange of other yellow and white fruits. Really seems like this wine will jump to another level with a few more years to it. Excellent. Paired deliciously with charcuterie, cheeses and Marconi almonds (94+ pts.)

Had a quick half-glass of the 2020 Domaine Louis Michel Chablis 1er Cru Montée de Tonnerre as we prepared to head to dinner. Leftover from last night. Really solid QPR, smoky, flinty, oyster shells and tart yellow fruits. Split a case with a buddy, an excellent house white. (92 pts.). Had the base 2020 Louis Michel Chablis as well, frankly not that far behind in quality. (90 pts.). I need a case of this as well as we are about to start stone crab clause season in Florida!

Decanted both reds for around 30 minutes while we got dinner started at the club. Just off the wafts from a swirled decanter, decided to go first with the 2000 Vieux Chateau Certain. A beautifully integrated, mature wine that is really hitting its stride, better than when I had it about 2-3 years ago. Rich, earthy, spicy nose, some truffles and dark chocolate. Great balance of ripe plummy fruits and crisp reds. Blind I might have thought 2001 given the red shine on this wine. Silky finish. (95 pts.)

Our friends just came back from Italy and had several cases shipped, including this Barolo that I never had before, 2000 Azienda Bricco Rocche (Ceretto) Barolo Prapò.. Beguiling nose of rose petals, earth, red licorice, dry earth, and I wanna say a hint of something like Iodine. Kept trying to draw that note out, then the drinking took over. Balance on this wine is impeccable. More acid-structured and lean than the VCC but still had some power to it. Paired really well with swordfish steak au poivre. (93 pts.)

Finished the evening with a few fingers of Elijiah Craig 18. I’m more of Scotch man myself, but this is an intoxicating Bourbon. Carmelized, toasted walnuts. I’ve been blowing through a bottle that I recently grabbed.

My buddy still got up at 6:30 to run 15, he’s got a marathon in 7 weeks. Dogs woke me, girls sleeping, so figured I’d write this up over a stiff coffee. Now I’m gonna go walk the beach, another gorgeous morning in Florida - early fall is here!


Waking up, having a hot French press, and reflecting on last nights wine and meal while alone is one of my favorite things. Sometimes I write notes, most times I just do CellarTracker updates. The calm of the early morning is wonderful. I normally get from 6:00am-7:00am before kids, cartoons, and indenturement to make breakfast starts.

Stellar selection last night, I’ve been meaning to check in on the ‘08 Dom.

Edit to add: beach walking is a dream right now. I went with a college buddy on a hike in the woods this morning. A crisp 37 degrees here in PA


I’m imagining a seasonal insertion of a provision in your engagement letters requiring a case of jumbos for a successful outcome.

With Dom! Victory ain’t cheap!

I like the 08 Dom a lot more than you. But when I see you are in complete agreement with me on the 2000 VCC, I think you ar coming along nicely, grasshopper. :slight_smile:

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Had an '08 Dom Friday and agree with your assessment. Good now but destined for better days.

Robert, come on man. Kurt is training not only for a marathon, but for a PR. You can’t be popping wines like that when the man is trying to train hard. Just because you have retired from running and cycling… :wink:

The poor schlep ended up only running 12. So sad. And we kept the cycling the day before to 40 miles. How the mighty have fallen…

Robert, having recently enjoyed the 2019, I’m looking at picking up some more MdT. Options are 2017, 2019, and 2020. Do you have any thoughts on a comparison of the 3?

Not Robert, but my preference would be 2017, 2020, 2019 in that order with 2019 a fair distance behind the first 2. I like acidity, so 2017 goes #1, otherwise go 2020, 2017.

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Thanks Kris, appreciate that.

Ha, much better than that yak!

I can only comment from experience on the ‘08 DP and the L. Michel MdT. Two favorites and your notes are exactly as I’d expect. I went deep on Louis Michel in 2020 (and ‘08 DP, for that matter). That Dom was so open and delicious for the first six months or so after release, then suddenly and completely shut down. It’s still not showing half of what it did or what it will.
I’m heading to Florida in a week and a half, but far from your vicinity (visiting my mother in Boca Raton). I hope the stone crabs are plentiful by then!


My last bottle of VCC 2000 was entering early maturity rather than fully mature. I will be tasting it again in the next couple of weeks.

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