TNs 2006 CdPs: Domaine de la Vielle Julienne, 2006 Caboche Chambellan

Thanks for the note! I love this producer.

Great to see the CT link, too.

Thanks, Wilfred.
Figured I’d take the CT integration for a spin. [cheers.gif]


Thanks for the CdP notes. Julienne is my favorite, and I’m glad to have the info.


Thanks for the note on the Vielle Julienne. I’ve got mine resting comfortably in my offsite storage farthest away from my home.

Yes. Keep them at bay for a good while. I’m a fan of youth, but this clearly will benefit from some time. my two cents.

Finishing the last glass of the Julienne recorked last night. Wow. Killing tonight.
Totally lush dark fruit kissed with spices and a long chewy finish. Good times ahead.

Thanks for the update.

Think Jer is playing Reuben & Cherise in the avatar?

In my perfect world…yes! Have you heard the few acoustic versions, Jer solo, and the few with John Kahn from the mid-80s? Pure joy there.
Cheers, B.