TNS: 2005 Jadot Chambolle & NSG (from 375ml)

Had a bunch of these so decided to conduct a little experiment on village typicity last Friday.

Popped and poured both and revisited over the course of 3 days. Sounds like I nursed them, and I did!

Day 1

Both wines were really tight, showing some toasty oak which kind of hid the underlying fruit. The Chambolle was definitely the less giving of the two and there was no material to suggest it was from Chambolle. The NSG on the other hand, while showing the same oak treatment, was much more open, coating the palate with dark fruited spicy and hints of charcoal. Edge to the NSG all around.

Day 2

The Chambolles fruit peeks out a bit from under the oak but is still pretty devoid of any character and is still ungiving. NSG chugging along strong, though the tannin seems more present.

Day 3

Ok, maybe this is a sign about 05 ageability, or maybe it means nothing. But on Day 3, both wines showed best. The Chambolle still wasnt showing typicity of the village to my mind, but the red fruits did come out to play. It wasnt airy or elegant and it tasted slightly candied. But at least it came around, who knows what the future holds. The NSG lost the tannic edge, the only nit from the getgo (besides the young oak toast). The spicy finish really stood out and while this wine didnt have a ton of the sauvage/meat notes sometimes found in NSG wines, I’m also glad it didnt have rusticity. Overall, I like the NSG much more.