Tns--2 Recent Chards--16 Sojourn Reuling and 14 Meo Camuzet Bourgogne

2016 Sojourn Reuling Chard

The first year they’ve been able to source fruit from Tim’s vineyard. I was wowed by this on my July California trip. It was interesting to try it on its own and not in the middle of a giant tasting vacation. The clone is suitcase Montrachet. This is not Montrachet. It’s very clearly Californian with butternut, toasted toffee around pear and some tropical fruit, both in nose and mouth. But what it does have is Erich Bradley’s signature of rich, velvety wine. The umami feel of this is quite striking and I have no problem enjoying every sip.

2014 Meo Camuzet Bourgogne Haut-Cotes de Nuit Clos St. Philibert

Saw this in the store and snatched 2 bottles, coming off the revelatory experience of trying Meo’s 15 CC in Atlanta in October. Right from the first sniff, this is so…sure. That’s the word I want to use. So confident in its presentation, with apple and lemon intermixed with a fine thread of gingerbread. Even better on the tongue, where it just expands and grows into itself with every minute in the glass and every sip. Clear, clean and fresh as a crystal spring, I can’t remember ever tasting a better Bourgogne Blanc—and I think I’ve had Coche in the past. For USD$45? Run out and get this if you can find it.

Kwa Heri,