TN''s - 19 Vincent Pinot Blanc & 14 Brick House Pinot Noir Les Dijonnais

2019 Vincent Pinot Blanc - USA, Oregon, Willamette Valley, McMinnville (11/7/2021)
Confession: I have only had three Vincent bottlings – all were sub $21 and have blown their price point out of the water on the QBR scale – The 19 WV Pinot, the back up the truck best $21 Chard I have ever had 19 WV Chardonnay, and now the 19 WV Pinot Blanc. Another winner, this has a mélange of fall orchid fruits, ever so slightly viscous texture, and a nice closing snap of slighter bitter acidity that refreshes and invigorates the palate. Not at the level of say a Kelley Fox PB, but very strong in its own right. (90 points)
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2014 Brick House Pinot Noir Les Dijonnais Ribbon Ridge - USA, Oregon, Willamette Valley, Ribbon Ridge (11/7/2021)
Decanted 3 hrs. 5 years since my last bottle, this was drinking like a prototypical Brick House SVD pinot; that is dark berries strewn about a forest floor, good balance, mid weight palate structure and good focus. Yet, something never really came together on this bottle, it just never really turned the corner that I expected it too. Perhaps slightly off or just in a stubborn phase, I’ll let me last bottle sit another 5 years. Still, this was tasty. (91 points)

Dale sorry to hear about the Brick House. The last Les Dijonnais I popped was a 2013 at Thanksgiving last year. It was much like you described except it did come together; in fact it was firing on all cylinders! Ended up being everyone’s WOTN against 5 other Oregon Pinots.

Thanks for the Vincent note. Got my mixed case of 2019 chardonnays (Armstrong and Tardive), Pinot Blanc, and Pinot Gris, can’t wait to crack a few open.