TNs--17 Jadot Duc de Magenta Chassagne Clos de la Chapelle, 2019 Beta Maus Cab

Shared with a couple friends for Monday movie night (Poor Things).

2017 Louis Jadot Duc de Magenta Chassagne Clos de la Chapelle

Decanted for an hour. A trace of pine needle–maybe even pine resin–in the nuzzie, covered over by apple, bits of grapefruit and lavender. A hint of matchstick at the end. To taste, it’s elegant and composed, with lemon and citrus notes and a nutmeat finish. For all that, it is missing that extra level of intrigue and fascination that I’d hope to get…not sure if it’s the 17s settling in or, perhaps more, the house style for this wine.

2019 Beta Maus Cab

Whatever allocation I am getting of the Betas, I am supremely grateful for. This is what I want in Cali Cab. Slow-oxed for 5 hours, decanted for 3. There is a wondrous tobacco-and-truffle thing going on in the sniffer, along with crisp red berry fruit. On the tongue, this is definitely conversational, with plum, cranberry, boysenberry, a sliver of bacon and dabs of earth and cocoa. It has good acid backbone and svelte power, as it’s already expressing plenty, yet leaves you knowing much better is to come in the future. Maybe not that far into the future. My hesitant guess is that optimal drinking window will start at about 6 years from now. For now, this gets a 92+ from me.

Haere Ra,



Update—next day, the Jadot didn’t have greater intensity, but the elements were…intensified (maybe less harmonious) if that makes sense. 4 days later, the Beta added raspberry fruit, although the wonderful initial aromatics have faded by now