TNs - '07 Grivot Boudots, Roumier Cras

A couple of more good early drinking '07s.

'07 Grivot Nuits St Georges Boudots-
Captivating nose that reminds me of La Tache with notes of iron, soy and earth. The nose is really special and extraordinarily complex. The palate is pure, soft, tangy and lightweight and echos the same complexity on the finish. Grivots Boudots is fast moving up my list of favorites. This is another complex, early drinking '07 with a great nose.

'07 Roumier Chambolle Musigny Cras-
Nice nose of cherry skin and subtle minerals. This is denser and more extracted than the Grivot. The middleweight fruit has more depth than most '07s. I don’t find the complexity of Barthod’s Cras in Roumier’s rendition, but this is sappy and excellent. It is drinking really well now with good depth and lots of Chambolle beauty.

Thanks for the notes Kevin.

Roumier seems to have made great '07’s…

Yeah, the unusual (for an '07) density of the Roumier is more and more appealing as the night goes on. The Grivot shows more terroir, complexity and aromatic dimension but for some the lighter weight may not hold as much appeal when compared to the Roumier’s depth…
Last night’s Clos des Ducs is my favorite of this '07 trio.

nice notes Kevin! I agree on the Roumier. His Bonnes Mares was the richest (and most dense) wine at La Paulée

Sounds like you are no longrt down on 2007s Kevin?

Personally Im a fan of the vintage.

Thanks for the note on the Grivot. 2007 was the first vintage I was ever able to order some at good prices, because of a sur souche construction. So, I ordered a mixed half case to see if I liked their style. So far the V-R villages, Bossières, C-M Combe d’Orveau and Bourgogne PN have all been excellent. I figured the Boudots would need some time, but this note has prompted me to dig up my single bottle for immediate consumption. I stated in my earlier notes (back at the other board) that I should have ordered cases of the Bossières and Combe d’Orveau and I have a hunch that I will come to the same conclusion with the Boudots…

All these great notes on Grivot’s Boudots is tempting me to open a bottle, some serious wine is coming from this vineyard from all the notes I’ve been reading… I might just have to!

what is that?


Buying “sur souche” is an old custom, which has been replaced by the en-primeur system as we know it in Bordeaux. It involves making an educated guess on the weather conditions and the capacities of a certain domaine/château and subsequently buying wine before the malos have finished.
In this case that means I should order and pay for my 2009 Grivots before the end of May. I get a sizeable discount for running the risk that things will not turn out as I expect them to. I estimate that I pay roughly the same as what an importer has to fork over. I know of no other domaine which does this, unfortunately.

I am still a cautious and extremely selective fan of the vintage. Many of the wines are too thin and short for me, but there are also many successes. I am buying a few (like the Ducs) and expect to drink others in restaurants.

Do you expect the Roumier to age?

Yes, I think it will. It has a lot of stuffing for an '07.

Kevin, if I were still buying I’d say 'shhh" on the grivot boudots! But then I’ve been singing the praises about this wine for many years, as it has been a regular purchase for me starting with the 96 vintage. Usually a great wine.

Mike, buy the boudots and every vosne premier cru he’ll sell you. And the Echezeaux and Richebourg too!

Thanks for the notes and the valuable community service of opening these great bottles so young.

I had the 1998 Ducster last night (lovely) but hadn’t even considered opening 2007, which was one of the few 07s I purchased (being generally down on the vintage and drowning in 99-05s). Will have to give it a shot. The Grivot sounds tempting as well; I had not been impressed with 96 and 98 Grivot Echezeaux and Nuits Boudots, but should give it another shot.

How’s the Clos Vougeot from Grivot?