TNR: Pernot-Belicard

Anyone know anything about this producer and style of wines? Phillipe Pernot is the son of Paul Pernot whose wines and style we enjoy. Premox issues aside. Is the son making burg in a similar style to dad?
I cursory search of the board didn’t really yield any results and there doesn’t seem to much in the way of pro reviews out there.
Bob D

I liked the meursault AC; have a few of the MP I’ll try at some point.

I reviewed the 2017s in the Wine Advocate. My overall take on the estate was as follows:

“This small six-hectare domaine located in the heart of Puligny-Montrachet is making rapid strides. Philippe Pernot (a scion of the Paul Pernot dynasty) launched the Pernot Belicard label in 2009, gradually selling less and less to the négociants. In the vineyards, he cultivates the soils, de-buds aggressively and takes pains to retain his old vines in good health. The grapes are harvested by hand, with Philippe typically among the earlier pickers in the village. Since 2014, there’s more sorting, the grapes passing over a shaker table before being whole cluster pressed. Initially, the wines were bottled to make room for the new vintage, but Philippe, evidently an enquiring mind, felt that something was missing: now, the wines stay in barrel until August, but spend an additional three to six months in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks with the fine lees. The result, he contends (and I concur), are wines that are more integrated and complete. These are already very good wines, and Philippe possesses some enviable parcels, but it is his desire to refine and improve that marks this out as an estate to watch.”

The style is a bit less rich and front-loaded than the Paul Pernot style.

Thank you Mr. Kelley. This is the sort of feedback I am looking for. At the price points, I might give this a go…but was hoping for the father’s style.