TNR:G. Mascarello Santo Stefano Barolo

Giacosa’s wine from this property gets talked about a lot. But with G. Mascarello, it seems that Monprivato gets most of the attention. Any opinions about Mascarello’s Santo Stefano Barolo? Thanks.

Ehm… two different vineyards.

Okay, can you tell me anything about Mascarello’s?

This is, as far as I know, the only Mascarello Barolo sourced in Monforte, rather than in Castiglione Falletto. Somewhat anecdotal, but I have heard it said more than once: some in the area consider this to be potentially the finest vineyard in all of Monforte (Comune di Monforte). Iron-rich soil. Every time I tasted this wine it struck me as a little darker, sturdier, more obviously structured and powerful, while perhaps a touch less elegant and filigree-like than Villero can sometimes be and Monprivato often is. I think it’s a fabulous wine. Hope this helps, I’m sure others with more experience will also chime in.

Much thanks, Tvrtko.


Just to fill out Tvrtko’s first response, Giacosa’s Santo Stefano is Barbaresco, not Barolo.