TNR / Advice on 1990 Voerzio Barolo La Serra

I’m going to a get-together in a few weeks that requires contribution of a nice bottle.

I have one bottle of the '90 Voerzio Barolo La Serra. It’s by far the nicest bottle I own (I have a more modest collection than most of you I suspect) and thought I’d bring this. As it’s my only bottle, it does leave me wondering if it’s drinking well now. I go to this event every year, so I can wait on opening this if people tell me to.

TNs are few and far between (but the 2 on CT in the last 3 years are real promising). Was looking for any advice- even if you haven’t had, thoughts on the vintage / producer / etc. If it’s over the hill already, that’d be worth knowing too! I’m confident the storage has been perfect on the wine FWIW…