TNR: 2012 Sandrone Nebbiolo d'Alba Valmaggiore

As expensive as a low tier Barolo. Is this declassified Barolo? How is the oak treatment? How well does it age? And if you have had the 2012, what do you think? Thanks.

Why would this be declassified Barolo? It says the vineyard it comes from (Valmaggiore) right on the label.

If you google “Valmaggiore” this in the first 3 hits. And it’s comprehensive:

Valmaggiore is an excellent vineyard, and Sandrone and Giacosa have made terrific wines from it for many years. But it’s not Barolo. Warmer climate.

I loved this wine. I had the same apprehension as you, but I still bought any way. Very pure, well rounded wine. Quite complex too.

That would be impossible by definition Michael. Declassified Barolo would be Langhe Nebbiolo (or Langhe Rosso), Nebbiolo d’Alba is from vineyards outside of the Barolo/Barbaresco zones. Valmaggiore is in the Roero, on the opposite side of the Tanaro, soils are lighter and sandier.

I haven’t had the wine in ages. And I hate Sandrone!! (inside joke, but I don’t like his winemaking style)

Thanks for the clarification. I still would like to know how much oak it gets and if it has the ability to age well.

It won’t age as long as Barolo. It will still age a very long time. The Giacosa bottles of Valmaggiore (back when Giacosa was still Giacosa) were delicious for 10-15 years out, maybe longer except I never tried any older than that.

Can’t help you on oak, other than to note that it’s Sandrone.

David: The link that you provided says 12 months in 500 liter French casks. Thanks for the info.