TNR: 2008 Pierre Peters Les Chetillons

Anybody had the 2008 Chetillons? I’m sure that this one must be built for the cellar. Thanks.

Yes, it is built for the cellar. Very pure and young right now, but screaming with potential. Rodolphe Peters could have waited another 5 years before releasing this if he had wanted to.

Thanks much, Brad. As was the case with Chetillons, it looks as though the 09 Cristal will be released before the 08. Is this correct and do you have any idea when the 08 Cristal will be released?

Tried it at the winery. Best young Chetillons / Cuvée Speciale I’ve had. As Brad said, it’s built for the long haul.


Yes, 09 Cristal before 08. The 08 should follow on a year later than normal (at least that is the plan right now). The extra year of age on the lees should help to streamline the wine a bit so that it isn’t painfully young like the 02 was on release.