TNR - 2008 Bogle Phantom

Saw this floor stacked at the neighborhood Freddy’s and was intrigued because of Bogle’s well-deserved reputation for quality $10 wine when this one’s a few dollars more, which theoretically should bode well. A zin/pets/mourvedre blend is right up my alley, too. Anyone had it? I looked on Cellar Tracker but I don’t know who any of those people are, so I’ve got no way to calibrate the palates.

Crap. I’m running Mac OS Lion and beginning to understand the frustration of those whose goofs are posted on Damn You AutoCorrect. I’ve had to edit this three times because, as one example, AC turned “zin” into “win”. And it just did it again!

I doubt you would like this to be honest. I do, but it is a fruit forward, big wine that is designed for immediate and for lack of a better word, “hedonistic pleasure”. It does represent some value and I tend to buy a bottle or two in each vitange.

You may misunderstand me and my palate, Loren. I sometimes like that style, just not in pinot noir or cabernet. Zinfandel’s a different animal. As long as it’s not a liquid 2x4 I’ll probably be okay.

I have had this wine recently.
I did not dump it down the drain.
Reason enough for you to pass, right?