TNR: 2006/2007 Slaughterhouse Cellars Cabernet?

Looking for tasting notes on the 2006 and/or 2007 Slaughterhouse Cellars Cab - anyone try either of these? Just received a mailer but don’t know anything about it and none of the prior vintages seem to be reviewed by RP, Tanzer or WS. I believe the vineyard is somewhere in Rutherford - though not sure who the winemaker is. Seem to be reasonably priced at $50 for a 2007 Napa Cab…that is if the wine is pretty good of course…


I think the winemaker was jason fisher awhile back…not sure now. I have a note on the 2002. I have friends who are friends with the owners and they gave me a bottle:

***Slaughterhouse Cellars, Proprietors Reserve, Rutherford, cabernet sauvignon, 2002: Lovely. We can argue later whether naming a wine slaughterhouse is a good idea…the wine is worthy of compliment. Very red fruit / plum driven and rose petal perfumed, almost feminine, this reminds me of a Dr. Crane vineyard cabernet. The fruit notes integrate in a velvety mélange with soy, cedar, pipe tobacco and melted licorice. Cab Franc adds some richness and depth, along with morel and espresso macchiato. The palate is open knit and welcoming, coating front to back. Not super long but fine and silky. Really very nice indeed.

I have had some older ones and they have been solid wines for the right price. WTSO had some a few months back. I own some 05 that I have not opened yet

I might try the 06 if I had the chance. What is the price (2006) from the mailer?

Looks like the 2006 is $180 per case (only case since they are trying to get rid of a bit of remaining inventory) plus shipping ($98 for me)…was thinking it would be worth $15 per but at $25 delivered with the $10 per bottle for shipping and tax it needs to be worth the effort. Sounds like it might be. Though I still feel like a schmuck for paying over 50% for shipping…no choice since it has to be shipped now.

Thanks for the note. Sounds nice even if not great. Just surprised it doesn’t get reviewed since they have been around since at least 2002.