TNR: 2000 Emidio Pepe MdA

Who is Nathan Wesley?

“Italian Frontier” - Wine Spectator October 31st, 2013
“…in a non-blind vertical, the wines’ scores ranged from 93 to 97 points. The 1970 (97, $400) was fully mature and ethereal, with layers of earth, wildflower and leather building upon a core of dried strawberry and burnt orange peel, with hints of date. The concentrated cherry and blackberry fruit character of the 2000 (97, $150) found balance with rustic notes” - Nathan Wesley

I’m quite surprised by the score for the 2000. I have quite a few bottles of this vintage, but haven’t tasted it for many years because the last time it was quite unexciting and “meh” to my palate. Has anyone tried this recently?

Not had the 2000 is several years. Had a bottle of 2003 recently and it was off. They can be highly variable. The price makes it tough to start pulling corks and hope for a good one.

I hear you Gary. I’ve got a very good college friend coming for Thanksgivukkah, and plan on popping my last bottle of the '67. First bottle was phenomenal. Hope this one is equally good. Also plan on popping one of my '97 Valentini MdA.

May the wine Gods smile on you.

Based on a vertical 18 months ago, he may be an easy scorer, but he’s not that far off imo. A lot of potential there:

I have a few bottles of 03 and 05. I was going to put them on them list. But after the poor showing by 03, I was reluctant. I have an option for other bottles, but anything before 03 has a sharp increase in price.

Damn, Ken, took you long enough to respond.

Jez keeeeding!

That is an awesome line up. And an awesome dinner! Interestingly, I liked the '75 more than the '77 (have not tried the '74), and I liked the '02 much more than the '00… (let’s not factor in bottle variation, and other persnickety aspects like decanting regimes (I don’t), etc.). BTW, I also loved the '01, which my brother brought back for me when he stayed at the farm (yes, Pepe has rooms for people to rent – he even gives you a bottle of the current vintage of MdA).

The 75 is one of the greatest wines I have ever been fortunate enough to taste.

Strictly from commercial: If anyone would like to taste bottles chosen from four decades plus a nice Trebbiano, click this:

Great write up Ken, thanks. I don’t appreciate the pictures…I’m on a 7am train and seriously wondering where I can find a good plate of food exactly like the ones you had before I go I to the office! Seriously, seems like a sensational evening. Bravo!

Thanks, Paul. That is a home-cooked meal, but she has worked at a professional chef. We are always so grateful when she is willing to cook for us. The food is not only delicious (and photogenic), but she makes food from the area of the wine so that will match perfectly with the wine.

Very fortunate to have someone generous, talented and obviously creative to provide the true context these wines are simply meant to accent. My hat is off to your friend for her works of art. I’m happy to hear the wines were of adequate level to compliment such beautiful plates.