TNR: 1990 Argiano Brunello

Anyone have recent experience with this wine or have general thoughts on how this producers Brunello typically holds up over time?

Thanks in advance.

I bought a fair amount of 1990 Brunello, including the Argiano. Brunello is long lived stuff, and Argiano is one of the better producers. My guess is that it should be just fine, should be an interesting wine. But I haven’t opened any Argiano recently and I can’t give you a TN.

Thanks for the response, Frank. I know Argiano is a respected producer, it’s just that my depth of knowledge with regards to various Italian wines and what quality they were producing in 1990 is quite limited. It sounds like you’ve had positive experiences with the house and the vintage though. That’s definitely encouraging.

The 1990 vintage actually got me started buying Italian wines. It was one of those great vintages where it’s hard not to make very good wine. I bought a ton of Chianti at prices that make me shake my head now. Your average $35 Chianti now probably was more like $10 back then… A good 1990 Chianti was a thing of wonder. Just delicious. Those lasted for a while, too.

And the Brunello was particularly good. I haven’t been down to check but I would bet that I have several 90 Brunellos still left in the cellar.


The Riserva or the Normale? Some notes on each on CellarTracker." onclick=";return false;


One of my great wine memories is actually a 1990 Monsanto Chianti Classico Riserva, drunk about 2003. What a lovely wine that was!

Thanks, CT is always my first stop when looking for notes. Just seeing if I could scare up any additional information here, since I’m not familiar with any of the authors of the CT notes.

Missed your post. I guess you wanted it that way?

I bought a case of this upon release here in Ontario … actually my first case purchase ever. Bought completely on the advice of publications and a product consultant at one of the high profile LCBO stores. Didn’t open one until 2001, according to my notes. Very earthy with intense raspberry and still lots of tannin at that time. We have had three in the intervening years as well as a few from other sources. The ones from our original case have all been too young in my opinion while some of the others have been extremely fine, one was absolutely glorious. I am highly impressed so far though, for my palate this isn’t at its peak quite yet but, it always satisfies. From the last two, I have saved a glass in one of my tiny bottles to try the next day and that little glass has been by far and away better than the last sip the previous night. Hope this helps. You should know as well that I think relative to most I prefer my wine on the mature side. Oh, I should note that I am referring to the Riserva.


Thanks for adding your thoughts, and great to know you’ve had such good experiences with the Riserva. Since the feedback seemed generally very positive, I went ahead and picked up the magnum of the non-Riserva Brunello that I had been eyeing for an upcoming dinner. Fingers crossed that it’s a good bottle. If so, it sounds like it may show on the young side.