TNR: 04 Taittinger Comtes

any recent notes would be helpful–I seem to have bought this a few times at $99 but don’t want to open one yet.

Great price! My note and others are on CT.

I had this a few months ago in a restaurant. It’s got a very fine nose with brioche, citrus and elderflower as well as a little smoke. Very chalky in the mouth, good grip, good balance, nice freshness. Very balanced and excellent to drink, but if you’re looking for edgy champagne, this isn’t it.

Had some of the '04 Tattinger Rosé a few weeks ago and found it very fun to drink, if that’s any help (though I doubt it).



Boy it’s a sad commentary on the times when the bubblies in the $99 to $149 range are the screaming hot “back up the truck” deals in the fine wine market.

How long until Champagne gets “discovered”?

Uhhh…that came and went my man, and it’s still hot.

I tried this a few months ago. Tight and in need of a few years in the cellar was my impression. If you have the '00, it’s in a great place right now.

Taittinger Comtes at $99?

Versus some Les Perrieres 1er, from Puligny or Meursault, at $125 to $1250, which has a reasonably good chance of being oxidized?

Compared to still wine prices these days, the bubblies are an insanely good bargain.

I guess the big ethical challenge for the Champagne houses - once they finally get “discovered” - will be whether to hold the line on quality, or to start dumping substandard juice on the market so as to take advantage of the, ah “Bubble”.

Whenever the “Bubble” comes.

But given how well the bubblies pair with Chinese cuisine, it can only be a matter of time now.

I had the 04 Comtes last night. Full and rich with a little less life and verve than the 02. Great price at $99.