TN: WindGap Chard Gap'sCrown '09...(short/boring)

Stumbled onto this last night in my tasting wines stash:

  1. WindGap Chard Gap’sCrown Vnyd/SonomaCoast (240 cs; 13.7%; PaxMahle/Forestvile 2009: Med.light gold color; strong melony/Chard/lemony/celery seed some pencilly/toasty/oak rather fragrant very attractive nose; fairly tart strong celery seed/melony/Chard/lemony light toasty/oak slight spicy/nutmeg slight metallic/chalky flavor; very long/lingeringstrong Chard/melony/lemony/celerey seed slight grapefruity/stony light pencilly/oak finish; good tangy acidity balanced by fairly lush texture; a good c-c Chard that’s holding up well & no signs of oxidation; not a profound Chard but still quite good.

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. I was expecting this Chard to be on a bit tired side, given it’s age. But it still had plenty of fruit and seemed pretty youthful for 10 yrs old.