TN: William Hill Winery Cabernet Sauvignon Mt. Veeder

1980 William Hill Winery Cabernet Sauvignon Mt. Veeder - I used to drive down from Canada to race vintage sports cars at Laguna Seca regularly and I would hit as many wineries as I had time for on the way home. This was one of them. This bottle turned up in a review of some older California holdings and while I was not too hopeful, I popped the cork and tried it.

Surprisingly it had a very decent nose of old wood and a bit if fruit, but on palate it had left the building - nothing bad, just lacking in anything but acidity in the finish. Oh well. I also have an 84 reserve and a 97 regular, both of which I’ll move into the tasting line up soon.

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Thanks for the note! I have one in the cellar (think it might be the reserve?) And here’s to hoping it shows a little better :cheers:

Thanks again for posting!

Thanks for the note, Bill. I remember some very good wines from them in the early and mid-80s.

The gold label reserves were a couple of steps up in quality from the silver with 1978 being very obvious examples.