TN: Welcoming Phil Franks to the OC

WELCOMING PHIL FRANKS TO THE OC - Phil Franks, Huntington Beach, CA (11/8/2009)

Phil was looking for some wine drinking partners in his new digs after having move down from Washington. I rustled up a few of the local regulars for which Phil grilled up some steaks and lamb chops. We brought over some sides and wines and had at it. A good lineup where nothing was outstanding but nothing sucked either. A wide variety of ages and varieties.

I look forward to more bottle popping ops with our newest OC wineaux. Welcome Dustoff!

  • 1999 Marc Chauvet Champagne Special Club - France, Champagne, Montagne de Reims, Champagne
    I light elegant styled Champange with that carries terrific complexity. Exciting palate showing off it’s Pinot with lively red fruits. A great find and a terrific value at $55.
  • 2004 Olivier Leflaive Chablis 1er Cru Fourchaume - France, Burgundy, Chablis, Chablis 1er Cru
    This drank a lot closer to a non-Chablis white Burgundy from a big vintage to me. Richly fruited and big without the clean minerals I would normally like. Seems to be begging for more bottle time though so possibly in an awkward stage in need of a decant. Meant to revisit but never did.
  • 2006 Siduri Pinot Noir Arbre Vert Vineyard - USA, Oregon, Willamette Valley
    Earthy dark cherry nose. Clean black cherry palate with good length and acidity. Strongly fruited but not extracted feeling. Pure and simple but very good. Honestly one of the best 06 Oregon Pinots I have had.
  • 2004 Turley Zinfandel Ueberroth Vineyard - USA, California, Central Coast, Paso Robles
    Nose is straight forward yet powerful zinberry without too much ripeness but pushing it. Palate is lively and strongly acidic powerful blackberries. A terrific purity of fruit with only a faint touch of heat and a cleansing grip. Drinks equally over two nights. A terrific wine and could go a long while.
  • 1984 Monticello Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Corley Reserve - USA, California, Napa Valley
    Strong classic Cal Cab notes of cassis and cedar. Not much complexity but a ton of acidity without being tart. In a great place now if you like traditional classic Cabernet. A terrific wine to serve with dinner.
  • 1973 Sutter Home Winery Zinfandel California - USA, California
    Excellent fill level. Bit musty and mushroomy on the nose clearly speaking to it’s age. But the palate was like a well aged clean and lively Cali Pinot. Took about a glass and a half home and it’s still going strong on the 2nd night picking up some spice and sweetness speaking more to it’s Zinfandel origins. A great treat, especially for a wine using a plastic break off capsule.
  • 2007 Bindi Sergardi Chianti Classico - Italy, Tuscany, Chianti, Chianti Classico
    Forward and rich speaking of a more modern style but not completely flattened letting the Sangiovese identify itself. Will never be a classic dinner Chianti due to weight and richness but should develop well over a couple more years.

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That’s pretty amazing that the 73 Sutter Home Zin was still so lively.

No kidding. Seriously amazing it was still drinking well tonight as well.

Finally! Cris likes a wine I’ve brought. flirtysmile

Good to hear that the Sutter Home wasn’t DOA.

Y’all picked up a couple of good drinking partners up there. We miss Phil and Carey up here in the cold, rainy PNW.

A very nice welcome for Phil indeed. That 04 Turley Ueberroth is a gem.

Thanks to Cris, Charlie and Lauren for trekking over to the wilds of Huntington Beach on Sunday. Carey and I had a great time and you are all welcome anytime.

Wetrock’s notes pretty much nailed it. The Sutter Home was freaking amazing and a treat for sure.

Adam, same here buddy. I actually miss the rainy, cold PNW already.

Where are the notes on the bourbon whiskey? I don’t believe any of this happened until I see those notes.

Well T-Bone, other than maybe Cris I don’t think the Bourbon was well received. I opened the Eagle Rare, Pappy 15yr, Old Forrester, and the 1974 Hirsch. Really not a great idea looking back at it but it was fun.

That Hirsch was excellent. Mixed results with the others. One of them was incredibly hot until we shocked it.

i had to drive back 35 miles. a in depth enjoyment of bourbon was not in the cards

That’s all I would need! Landreth brought over a 15 yr. Pappy at P-Rob’s house, and it was off the charts delicious. You know where to bring those next time Dustoff. Keys will be very well hidden.

Nice stuff. Sorry to miss out. Thanks for the notes.


Label pron.

The Hirsch was pretty spectacular. If I had a place to stay and wasn’t driving… I would have cuddled it to sleep

same maker as A.H. Hirsch? … if “yes,” {mega-drool!!!} [swoon.gif]

si it was. I had no clue how expensive/how good it was other than what Phil said. That being said it was ridiculously good. I thank Phil for opening that bottle up for us noobs to try.

holy - freakin’ - crap!! Phil treated ya’ll real good … trust me. [welldone.gif]

i can hardly believe ya’ll ruined your palates with wine beforehand … {sheesh!}