TN: Various wines with the Heys

met the Heys for dinner last night–quite good at George’s at the Cove–wine service, food, atmosphere all added to the fun of being with the Heys. Even Jerry’s son Andrew, a formidable taster in his own right, came along. With the wines Andrew has been exposed to, how could he not be experienced? Usually Jerry posts the wine notes and I just agree, but I will take a stab.

90 Bollinger RD had little mousse and tasted like a very good white Burg–not oxidized, mature and classy but not hitting Salon or Dom high points. Not bright enough or deep enough, but nice citrus. Disgorged in 04. Bought on release.

93 Morey-Blanc Montrachet was an old school thick Montrachet, oily and layered, decent acidity and fruit, but not a wow wine. Andrew smelled chèvre in the wine, but in a good way. The wine was atypical for P. Morey. Enjoyable, though.

01 DRC RSV was wine of the night, hallmark Asian spices and Andrew pointed out the flowers and rose petals. Drinking well, but nowhere near maturity, it was excellent. Balance and depth of fruit were excellent, a lovely bottle.

99 Bachelet Charmes did not get opened; neither did an older Pommard.

Fun night.

Always a fun night with the Weinbergs and thanks for making the long drive. We like the food and vibe at Georges’ Modern in La Jolla and the food went well with the wines we brought. I’m not an older Champagne fan but this R.D. Bollinger 1990 was disgorged Nov 18 2004 (a nice touch from them to put that on the back label) and and was fresh and vibrant. Definitely not in the Oeno versions of Dom’s lineup but a fine wine in its own right. The 93 Morey-Blanc Montrachet was a wine I’d only seen a couple times but never had. Thick, oily, viscous, and dense, but lacking in the usual Pierre Morey acidity and life he usually has in his wines. Great length and mouth coating but just didn’t hit the highs that a great Montrachet can. The 2001 DRC RSV is a wine to have with its spices and rose petals as Andrew called it early on. Nice full mouthfeel and somewhat approachable but still could use several years to get the tertiary notes I love in this level of fine wine. Glad I have a few more to try.

I also brought a 99 Montille Pommard Rugiens and 99 Lafon Meursault Perrieres for backups that will have to get opened on another occasion. We could have had a 99 night instead with the Bachelet Charmes Chambertin.

Nice wines gentlemen.

Great times.

I need better friends.