TN: Unti Fiano '12...(short/boring)

Tried something different last night:

  1. Unti Fiano DryCreekVlly (13.2%; First crop; 75 cs; 2012: Light gold color; fairly fragrant mango/pineapple light stony/chalky slight rustic/earthy quite attractive nose; lightly tart light stony/chalky/earthy some mango/pineapple/spicy bit tangy flavor; very long tangy/tart light mango/pineapple/spicy slight stony/chalky finish; quite an attractve Fiano but not the coarse/earthy character of some from Italy. $23.75

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. It had been over 3 yrs since I first/last tried this wine. Not much change from my previous notes except maybe a bit loss of fruit. Still quite a pretty/nice-drinking white, though nothing profound.
    Fiano is a variety from Compania w/ unknown parentage. Developing a bit of a comeback. OliveMcCrum asserts that Fiano can age very nicely, though he’s not yet showed me any examples to make his point. This Unti doesn’t seem to be showing any secondary characteristics of an aged white, but no signs of going round the bend, either.