TN: Two With Friends....(short/boring)

We had an invite over to friends on Sat & I took these two I wanted to try:

  1. Weingut Frischengruber Riesling Federspiel DAC: Wachau (12.5%; www.Frischengruber.At; Lot0222 Noo31922; Schatzi Imprts/Milan/NY) Ruhrsdorf 2021: Very light yellow/near colorless color w/ lots of tiny bubbles; very light R/floral/fruity quite simple near vapid nose w/ little interest; bit soft slight floral/R/bit fruity watery/vapid flavor; med.short finish mimics the flavor; a pretty vapid/dull expression of Wachau R & rather overpriced at $28.00 (KK)

  1. Jean-Rene Germanier Ad’OC: Humagne Rouge/Valais/Suisse (13%; SchatziImprts; www.JRGermanier.Ch) Gilles Besse/Winemaker; J-R Germanier/Vetroz/Valais/Suisse 2016: Med.color; fairly earthy/dusty/bit loamy some floral/fragrant/Alpine flowers slight cherry interesting nose; fairly tart/tangy rather earthy/loamy/dusty some Alpine flowers/floral/Pinotish interesting flavor w/ light bitter tannins; med. finish w/ some floral rather earthy/dusty character; a somewhat interesting expression of an Alpine red but not goinf to improve much; dominate by the earthy/loamy character & lacks bright fruit; overpriced at $36.00 (KK)

More shitzlfarq from TheBloodyPulpit:

  1. Humagne Rouge is the Swiss name for the variety known in the Val d’Aosta as Petite Rouge. This was a pretty unthrilling expression of that grape compared to most from the Vd’A.
    Both of these wines were underwhelming at best. The host’s Cabernet was far better than these two.