TN: Two Whites Last Night...(short/boring)

Tried these two whites last night:

  1. TablasCreekVnyds Viognier AdelaidaDist/PasoRobles (12.9%; SS frmt; 2016: Light yellow color; strong pear/peach/Viog/floral/bit tropical fruit/pineapple low-key slight earthy/chalky nose; fairly tart/tangy bit mineral/valve oil some peach/pear/Viog/tropical fruit slight chalky flavor; very long rather tart/lean/tangy some peach/pear/Viog light stony/valve oil/chalky finish; definitely not a DollyParton Viog; a rather quiet/low-key Viog that really needs a yr or two of age; should put on weight and become much better I suspect. $35.00

  1. Carlisle TheDerivative SonomaCnty (13.7%; Plntd: 1886-1920; 66% Semillon/24% Muscadelle/10% ChasselasDore; 240 cs) SantaRosa 2011: Light golden color; very strong waxy/figgy/Semillon some herbal/dried Italian spices/very spicy light caramel/toasty/oak rather complex nose; lightly tart/earthy/chalky very intense waxy/figgy/Semillo light toasty/caramel/oak some herbal/dried oregano very complex flavor; very long/lingering intense waxy/figgy/Semillon/floral slight pineapple light vanilla/oak/caramel slight herbal/Italian herbs finish; turning into a really beautiful/complex/spicy Semillon; will go another 4-8 yrs; stunning white. $33.50

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. This was my note from May 2014:
  1. Carlisle TheDerivative WW (Vines planted: 1886-1920; 66% Semillon from MonteRosso planted in 1886/
    24% Muscadelle from Pagani planted in 1920/10% ChasselasBlanc from 118 old vines interplanted at
    SaitoneRanch; 240 cs; 13.7%) 2011: color; light smokey/oak/tobacco strong figgy/waxy/Semillon fairly
    aromatic complex nose; tart bit earthy/chalky strong waxy/Semillon/ripe figs light toasty/oak/smoke/pencilly
    rather old-timey/complex flavor; very long/lingering strong waxy/Semillon/figgy lighht pencilly/oak slight
    earthy/stony kinda old-timey complex finish; quite an intereting wine that reminds me a bit of the old
    LouisMartini Semillons from MR vnyd, but way more intense & fruited than those; those MartiniSemillons were
    pretty unthrilling at release, but often aged into pretty interesting old-bones; I suspect this Carlisle will
    make great old-bones as well. $33.50