TN: Two Reds Last Night....(short/boring)

Cracked the two last night:

  1. J.Fritz Zin DryCreekVlly (15.8%; U/U; 80 yr old vines) Cloverdale 1992: Med.dark color w/ considerable browning; rather pencilly/cedary/oldZin slight raspberry/DryCreekVlly Zin/spicy light oak bit tired nose; lightly spicy/Zin/raspberry rather tired/oldZin/cedary/pencilly bit complex flavor w/ light drying/astringent tannins; very long somewhat tired/cedary/oldZin finish w/ light tired tannins; still has a bit of DCV Zin character & still somewhat interesting but definitely on its last legs; drinkable but just barely. $16.00

  1. StottleWnry Syrah 6ProngVnyd/HorseHeavenHills (14.6%; Lacey/WA 2014: Very dark/near black color; very strong blackberry/Syrah/very spicy bit high-toned light toasty/oak some ripe/boysenberry light peppery/whole-cluster rather Rhonish/roasted/bit smokey rather complex nose; lightly tart fairly rich/lush strong blackberry/Syrah/very spicy/blueberry bit w-c/peppery/Rhonish/roasted light toasty/oak slightly ripe/boysenberry some complex quite balanced lovely flavor w/ modest ripe tannins; very long/lingering lightly tart/tangy some structured strong blackberry/boysenberry/Syrah/very spicy bit w-c/peppery/Rhonish/roasted bit complex finish w/ modest tannins; quite a lovely balanced/interesting/well-made WashState Syrah but not as in-your-face as some; reminds me a bit of the RotieCllrs Syrahs; maybe even some of the early DavidLake/Columbia Syrahs; maybe can still use a few more yrs of age; very good value at $27.00 (KK)

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. A couple of months ago, the Stottle wines showed up here in NM. I tried the Viog & the white blend and liked them quite a lot. Finally was able to get the Syrah last week. This is a wnry I’m delighted to have discovered and hoping some of his other wines will make it down our way.
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Thanks for the notes. Stottle has a sign on I-5 that we drive by frequently and I’ve always wondered if they would be worth stopping by.