TN: Two Oldies from Alsace...(short/boring)

Well…not really that old for Alsace. Had these two at Susan’s w/ the Guesniers and the Kirtlands:

  1. Dom.Barmes-Buecher GWT AC: Alsace Rosenberg de Wettolsheim (14%) 2000: Deep gold color; beautiful lychee/GWT/quite spicy cinammon/nutmeg slight nutty rather complex old GWT nose; big rich/lush maybe a bit off-dry (??) lightly tart intense lychee/GWT/very spicy slight nutmeg/cinammon some complex nose; very long/lingering quite rich/lush very lightly tart very strong lychee/GWT/quite spicy bit complex finish; starting to show some complex old GWT character but plenty of ripe GWT fruit w/o straying into cheap hair oil territory; beautiful example of balanced/mature near VT GWT with probably another 10 yrs left in it.

  1. Dom.Weinbach Riesling Cuvee St.Catherine AC: Alsace (13.5%) 2006: color; strong floral/R slight valve oil/petrol light stony/steely/mineral bit complex nose; rather tart quite dry fairly rich strong R/floral/bit understated/quiet bit austere slight valve oil/petrol bit complex flavor; very long rather dry/austere/lightly tart quiet/R/floral bit stony/mineral slight petrol/valve oil finish; a rather quiet expression of Alsace R but I expect it will really improve w/ age; stupid/silly price. $25.00 (AV)

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. They day before, I was in at ArroyoVino and saw this Weinbach '06 at a suspiciously low price. Queried David on it & he verified it was correctly priced, that they’d got a good deal on it. I’d have gone back for more at that price, but I understand the price has been bumped up to $37. Still a very good price.